GEEB Membership Survey

Do you consider yourself a GEEB member (all UIUC students are welcome to join our membership– you don’t have to be an EEB student). We have created a survey to gauge interest in GEEB activities and emailed it to everyone on the listserv. If you are not a member of the listserv, but would like to be, please fill out the form under the “Join Our Listserv!” tab. If you are a new member and have not received the survey, please email Sarah Winnicki at sarahkw2(at)!

A Week in the Life – Samantha Capel

Sam is a 4th year PhD candidate from Animal Biology working in Ken Paige’s lab. Her research demonstrates how genomic analyses can be used to better inform conservation management. Specifically, she looks at how population-level adaptive variation may have implications for species translocation success.

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