A Week in the Life – Gabriel Beuchat

Gabriel is a first year PhD student working in the Chen lab in the Plant Biology department. His project focuses on the regulation of localization and dimerization of sugar transporters.

What have you been listening to this past week?

This past week, and in more past weeks actually, I have been listening to a civil war history podcast called The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast. It’s by a husband and wife team that are very cute together, but also they make a pretty great history that focuses not just on the battles but also on the personal stories of the generals, politicians, and soldiers. They have a cool series of episodes about Lincoln’s election, too. I started listening to them after I finished all of the History of Rome and caught up to Revolutions, so if anyone has any other good history podcasts to get my fix (I’m 2/3 through this one) let me know!

What are you looking forward to for next week?

Next week I am going on a trip to Scotland! I am visiting someone in Scotland who is showing me around. We are going to go to Glasgow and Edinburgh, and I will get to walk on a road that predates the renaissance, which I have actually never done. Also there are hills and coast there, which is exciting.

What is your go-to midnight snack?

Either an entire jar of pickles or an unreasonably sized portion of ice-cream. I am not proud.

Best place to grab food in a hurry?

710 mart on Goodwin. They have instant noodles and will make them for you, or you can buy them on the way to your lab (mine is in ERML). Real cheap and fast, gets the job done. I usually also get mochi for dessert.

A view of my week:

The excellent view from my window