GEEB’s 2017-2018 Officer Team


President/Ecolunch Coordinator: Jennifer Jones

I’m a 5th year graduate student in the PEEC program studying microbial ecology and decomposition. My dissertation explores how environmental factors, decaying substrate quality, and fungal and bacterial communities interact to impact decay. I am also a steward for the Graduate Employees’ Organization and a member of Interdisciplinary Graduate Society. Email me with any general questions or concerns about GEEB.


Vice-President/Treasurer/Symposium Co-Coordinator: Beryl Jones

I’m a social insect enthusiast who is interested in the evolution of phenotypic plasticity.  My dissertation uses comparative genomics and transcriptomics to better understand how social behavior has evolved from solitary ancestors in bees.  I’ll be your GEEB go-to for all questions financial in nature, and also co-coordinating the GEEB Symposium with Alida.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!


 Social Coordinator: Michael Rivera

I am interested in understanding why some ant species have variable worker castes while others don’t and the ecological and evolutionary implications of worker polymorphism. In my free time I enjoy raising my two kitten, exploring CU, and having a beer or two at GEEB happy hour. If you have an idea for a social event or any questions please email me!

 Symposium Co-Coordinators: Alida de Flamingh

I study the genetics and genomics of modern elephants and ancient elephants, lions and fish. In my free time I make jewellery, watch birds, explore nature and travel. I’ll be co-coordinating the 2018 GEEB symposium with Beryl, contact me with any questions about GEEB symposium!

Outreach Coordinator: Samniqueka Halsey

My current research focuses on understanding the ecology of Lyme disease in regards to the interactions between the black-legged tick, wildlife hosts and the pathogen Borrelia via modeling. My interests include reading supernatural fiction, writing stories/poems, traveling, hiking, backpacking and camping. As Outreach Coordinator for GEEB my mission is to expose young scholars to ecology through a variety of activities with graduate students who have shared experiences and the commitment to give back.

 Webmaster: Tolulope Perrin-Stowe

I am a fourth year PEEC student and I study the population genetics and phylogeography of African elephants in the Roca lab.  I enjoy photography, traveling, and dancing. Contact me with any concerns or suggestions about the website or GEEB’s online presence.