GEEB’s 2021-2022 Officer Team

President: Hannah Darcy

Hannah is a 5th year PhD student in the Anderson Evolutionary Biomechanics Lab in the EEB Department. Her dissertation focuses on the land-to-water transition in two salamander groups and how it has affected their skull morphology and functional performance. She is also a Commercialization Analyst intern in the Office of Technology Management. She enjoys digitally painting fish, hosting the annual Friendsgiving dinner (global pandemic permitting…), and talking about crazy MCU theories. 


Treasurer: Joseph Edwards


Ecolunch Coordinator: Sulagna Chakraborty

Sulagna Chakraborty is a PhD Candidate in the Program in Ecology Evolution & Conservation Biology. Her background is in Public health and Microbiology. She is studying the epidemiology and ecology of vector-borne diseases. She has a Minor in Gender Relations and International Development. Sulagna is an amateur poet and writer, and loves cooking, traveling, music and socializing.


Social Coordinator: Nick Antonson


Extracurricular Events Chair: Shelby Lawson

Shelby is a 5th year Ph.D. student in Dr. Mark Hauber’s lab studying alarm calling and nest defense behaviors in yellow warblers and red-winged blackbirds. This is her third year as Extracurricular Activities chair, and she’s excited to organize lots of in person events to bring everyone together after a year of virtual events due to Covid-19. She enjoys playing video games and DnD with friends, baking, and dabbles in photography and watercolor.


Outreach Coordinator: Ratna Karatgi

Ratna is a third year PhD student in the Fuller lab, and in the Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology (PEEC). She studies bluefin killifish and her work focuses on color polymorphism, behavioral syndromes (personality) and sexual selection in these fish. She loves to cook, eat and read (mainly sci-fi right now, but she’s always looking to explore other genres).


Symposium Co-coordinator: Jules Chabain

Jules is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the department of Evolution Ecology and Behavior, under Philip Anderson directory. His research at UIUC focuses on how shape influences function, describing performance of puncturing tools in nature. He is seeking an understanding of the morphological variation seen in stingray spines and how ecological, phylogenic or biomechanical factors influence that variation using experimental, histological and comparative methods.


Symposium Co-coordinator: Chuck Hyde

Chuck is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Yang lab and the Program of Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (PEEC). His work focuses on how plant-soil-microbial interactions shape the carbon cycle through root exudation and soil priming effects. He loves finding new music, playing tabletop games of all kinds, talking to his cats, and cooking for his friends.


Resource Facilitator: Michael Rivera

Michael Rivera is a PhD candidate in the PEEC program in the Suarez lab. He is interested in the evolution of morphological variation in social insect worker castes, particularly ants.  


Webmaster: Caitlin Bloomer

Caitlin is a 3rd year PhD student in the Taylor lab with the Illinois Natural History Survey. Her work focuses on the ecological biogeography of North American burrowing crayfish through distribution, diet, and fecundity. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and shaking up a cocktail or two!