A Week in the Life – Ingrid Romero

Ingrid is a fourth year PhD candidate from Plant Biology working in Surangi Punyasena’s lab. She works in palynology (study of pollen, spores and dinoflagellates) to understand past environmental changes. Her research is focused on studying fossil records from northern South America to understand the impact that geological and climatic events had on the Neotropics, and to evaluate how plant communities responded to these changes.

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A Week in the Life – Miles Bensky

Miles is a sixth year PhD candidate in PEEC and working in the Bell Lab. He is interested in animal cognition and his dissertation focuses on the measurement of individual and population-level variation in cognitive performance in threespined stickleback. More specifically, he is examining the mechanisms driving variation in behavioral flexibility.

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STEAMpunk Outreach at the Orpheum

This weekend GEEB participated in an outreach event at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum as part of the Museum’s STEAMpunk kids weekend club. We talked about what fossils are, how fossils are formed, and the kids also had the opportunity to look at and touch some real fossils and also make their own “fossils” using clay. Thank you so much to every GEEBer that volunteered (and especially Ingrid Romero for leading the discussion), and thanks to Stephany Virrueta Herrera for organizing this outreach! It was a lot of fun! Here are some photos of the event:

GEEB at the Orpheum

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A Week in the Life – Toniann Keiling

Toniann is a 2nd year Master’s student from NRES working in Dr. Cory Suski’s Fish Physiology Lab. She studies fish behavior and stress physiology as predictors of hook-and-line capture of largemouth bass. Her focus is on the environmental interactions of these traits to determine which individual fish are likely to be captured through angling.

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