Heath Lab News

Former MS student Alex Riley’s paper on population genetic structure in rhizobium divided genomes is out in Molecular Ecology. Woohoo!

Discordant population structure between the chromosome and pSymA in Sinorhizobium meliloti

Karla winging it.
Jada (above) and Karla (below) painting it on!

The best part about the Heath lab is how everyone pitches in when harvest is a bitch. From left: Patrick, Izzy, Crissy, Sierra, Yoel, Ivan.

Check out a new collaborative paper with Jen Lau and Wendy Yang (and many others!) on the ecosystem-level impacts of rhizobium evolution, which just came out in Oecologia.


Yoel: phenotyping results from some novel mutants
Allison: Methylobacterium x rhizobium interactions

We say thanks and good luck to recent UIUC grad Riley Popp, who is moving to Chicago to start a PhD program at Northwestern University! There was plenty of long boarding in his honor.

From left to right: Mario, Abdel, Riley, Yoel, Sierra (kneeling), Izzy, Katy (kneeling), David, Crissy (kneeling), Allison, Karla
Riley teaches the youngins
Golden hour chilling at the elementary school

From left: Izzy, Yoel, Ivan, Riley, Allison, Abi, Katy, Sierra, Crissy

New collaborative paper on dual-GWAS and population genomics of host-symbiont interactions was just released at Molecular Ecology!

Check up on it!