Heath Lab News

Baldemar did some awesome research this summer on interactions between soybean-associated fungi and yeasts! The whole lab showed up to see him present.

Laura Goralka carries a heavy load of dry ice and tubes of frozen nodule tissue, but her reward awaits.

From left: Katy Heath, Alex Riley, Rebecca Batstone, Hanna Lindgren

Today we piloted the mobile genetic elements activity that Rebecca has been working on with the IGB outreach and engagement staff. We will be at the National Academies building for the IGB’s upcoming World of Genomics event. We came up with some kooky ideas for comics to accompany her game. Hope to be posting these on the Heath lab website ASAP because the little cartoon rhizobia are pretty darned cute.


Jennifer gave a great talk (there was even a bark cake!) followed by a successful defense of her dissertation. Soon she will move to to Michigan State for her postdoc with Sarah Evans at Kellogg Biological Station!