Author: Katy Heath

Meghan is currently an hourly researcher, but will join the MS in Plant Bio program in Fall 2023!

Natalie is working with Katy and Wendy Yang (Plant Bio) to study the short and long-term legacy effects of nitrogen fertilizer on soil nitrogen cycling processes and legume-rhizobium interactions! Yay!

Allison develops an activity on biofilms and density as part of FULL STEAM AHEAD at the new Martens Center in Champaign!

Check out our new mBio paper on the complex and context-dependent genetics of symbiotic extended phenotypes!

Check out the fantastic community engagement program Cena y Ciencias (thanks to SACNAS, Ivan, and many others)

WOOT! Karla did an amazing job today presenting her masters work on the phenotypic effects of soybean endophytes!

The multi-talented Crissy Gallick has left the building (sniff) to pursue a new position at the EPA in Kansas City. Go Crissy! We will miss you!

Former MS student Alex Riley’s paper on population genetic structure in rhizobium divided genomes is out in Molecular Ecology. Woohoo!