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New paper accepted tracking the nodule, root, and leaf microbiomes of the symbiosis model Medicago truncatula across three host genotypes grown in native soils! Find it here!

Two things (or more), living together in close association, and making something special happen that is greater than the sum of its parts. What better topic to bring together an interdisciplinary team working on plants, bees, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and …

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Undergraduate researcher Laura Goralka just earned High Distinction in research to put the frosting on her Integrative Biology degree! Laura studied antibiotic resistance variation in natural populations of Rhizobium leguminosarum for her research project. Laura’s next move is graduate school …

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Congrats to James! He will be studying how rhizobia impact plants when they are not in the nodules!

Jennifer Jones, now a postdoc at Michigan State, has two recent papers out from her dissertation on wood composition in the tropics! You can find one on habitat (water/land) differences here and one on the effects of bark on decay …

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Natalie Christian started her lab at the University of Louisville in January! She is missed by all, but luckily we get to keep collaborating on the fungal endophytes (like this one) that infect soybean leaves and how they interact with …

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Baldemar did some awesome research this summer on interactions between soybean-associated fungi and yeasts! The whole lab showed up to see him present.

Laura Goralka carries a heavy load of dry ice and tubes of frozen nodule tissue, but her reward awaits.

From left: Katy Heath, Alex Riley, Rebecca Batstone, Hanna Lindgren