Heath Lab News

New folks were welcomed, great science was discussed, and yummy food was consumed.

Learn more about GEMS here: https://symbiosis.illinois.edu

Clusters of important genes on pSymA are circularizing and moving around?!

(less maths and less bioinformatics … or less good maths and bioinformatics… uh oh)

Mario and Abdel move to Cleveland

Chase, Abdel, Amanda, Natalie, and Luna (smallest but fiercest labbie)
Ethan, David, Meghan, Sierra
Putt putt gothic

Here are some highlights:

David’s socks on presentation day
Ivan pointing to something with his leg while trying to stay close enough to the podium for the mic to work
Sierra asking constantly if it was OK to “duckling” after Katy
Chase finally finding the gluten-free table after days of unintentional calorie restriction
Natural pros
Proud mentors
These goobers – always the highlight

Kevin’s advisor Tony Yannarell gives what could have been a much more embarrassing introduction