Heath Lab News

Karla winging it.
Jada (above) and Karla (below) painting it on!

The best part about the Heath lab is how everyone pitches in when harvest is a bitch. From left: Patrick, Izzy, Crissy, Sierra, Yoel, Ivan.

Check out a new collaborative paper with Jen Lau and Wendy Yang (and many others!) on the ecosystem-level impacts of rhizobium evolution, which just came out in Oecologia.


Yoel: phenotyping results from some novel mutants
Allison: Methylobacterium x rhizobium interactions

We say thanks and good luck to recent UIUC grad Riley Popp, who is moving to Chicago to start a PhD program at Northwestern University! There was plenty of long boarding in his honor.

From left to right: Mario, Abdel, Riley, Yoel, Sierra (kneeling), Izzy, Katy (kneeling), David, Crissy (kneeling), Allison, Karla
Riley teaches the youngins
Golden hour chilling at the elementary school

From left: Izzy, Yoel, Ivan, Riley, Allison, Abi, Katy, Sierra, Crissy

New collaborative paper on dual-GWAS and population genomics of host-symbiont interactions was just released at Molecular Ecology!

Check up on it!

It’s been a busy summer in the greenhouse this year! Clover and Rhizobium and Methylobacterium and Medicago and Sinorhizobium and soybean and Colletotrichum – oh my!

Left to right: Allison, Ivan, Riley, Crissy, and Izzy
Abdel, David, Izzy, Mario, Ivan, Riley, and Crissy
Riley and Yoel
Allison and Mario
Sierra and Rebecca