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Teaching and Teaching Awards

Plant Systematics (IB 335)
Taught Every Spring Semester

Introduces the principles and methods of identifying, naming, and classifying flowering plants; provides an introduction to the natural history of flowering plants (pollination biology, dispersal mechanisms, breeding systems) and the use of phylogeny estimation in producing modern classifications; develops skills in using plant identification keys; and includes a survey of 40 of the most important plant families distributed worldwide.

Link to IB 335 home page and syllabus

Principles of Systematics (IB 467)

Comprehensive survey of the theory and methodology of systematics as they are applied today to all groups of organisms, with a practical experience in the acquisition and analysis of systematic data.

Biology in Today's World (IB 100)

Introduction to biology for the non-major. In-depth focus on three contemporary problems-maintaining a livable environment, issues of human health, and evolution.

Teaching Excellence Recognition

Regular placement on "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students"

Outstanding Staff Member, Panhellenic Council

Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Scholar