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Service (Selected Committees and Activities)

Discipline and Professional Societies
Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Botany
Grant Review (National Science Foundation, National Research Council, National Environment Research Council U.K., UIUC Campus Research Board)
External Ph.D. Thesis Examiner
Journal Article Review (ad hoc)

Provost's Student Success Initiative - First Year Academic Experience Task Force
Life Sciences Working Group on General Education Learning Outcomes
Senator, University of Illinois Academic Senate
Biological Sciences Panel Member, Illinois Articulation Initiative, Illinois Board of Higher Education

College of Liberal Arts and Science
LAS Impact Award
Critical Courses Committee
Committee on Committees
Committee on Courses and Curricula, Chair
Council on General Education

School of Integrative Biology
Courses and Curricula Committee, Chair
Academic Integrity Appeals Committee, Chair
Distinction Committee, Chair
Executive Committee
Faculty Search Committees
Fellowship Committee, Chair

Department of Plant Biology
Advisory Committee
Associate Head
Director of Graduate Studies
Faculty Teaching Evaluation Committees, Chair
Faculty Third-Year Review Committees, Chair
Graduate Affairs Committee, Chair
Graduate Student Awards Committee, Chair
Herbarium Committee, Chair
Instruction Committee, Chair
Teaching Awards Committee, Chair