for coevolutionary genomics

June 2013: Katy co-leads (with fearless leader Carla Cáceres) a Girls Do Science week-long summer camp with Katie Hicks at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. Great time was had by all! Check out the pics here.

April 2013: Grad student Julia Ossler wins a UIUC Chancellor’s fellowship for public engagement, to support her Science Night outreach program! Congrats Julia!

April 2013: Undergraduate Carissa Zielinski earns high distinction for her senior thesis on tripartite interactions between legumes, rhizobia, and mycorrhizal fungi!

March 2013: Grad Matias Fernandez wins a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! We celebrate with cinnamon rolls from the Bread Co. on Goodwin, as is customary:

March 2013: Kathryn Solorzano-Lowell and Jennifer Jones will join the Heath-Dalling groups in fall 2013 in the pursuit of aquatic fungi. Congratulations to them both on receiving IGERT fellowships and to Kathryn for winning an IL Distinguished Fellowship!

March 2013: Katy finally signs up for a Google Scholar page!

February 4, 2013: Maren Friesen and Katy’s letter in New Phytologist comes out online!

December 9, 2012: IB496: Amplify the Signal runs outreach activities at special Biodiversity Day 1-5pm at the Orpheum!

November 29, 2012: Start revving your Ecological Genetics engines: IB 405 starts spring 2013!

November 29, 2012: Science Politely, SIB graduate students’ contributions to Champaign-Urbana’s local online magazine Smile Politely, continues to attract top readership. Michelle Duennes’s article is the #1 article last week. Woot!

November 2, 2012: Katy and students (Lisa Powers, Dan Scholes, and Abby Berkey) from outreach course Amplify the Signal are featured on Smile Politely Radio (5:30pm Fridays on WEFT Community Radio, and by podcast)!

October 26, 2012: Online articles from graduate students in our course, “Amplify the Signal”, were introduced today and start going up next week! More updates to come!

September 2012: Amanda Gorton’s manuscript on QTL mapping of symbiosis traits has been accepted to G3!

Go Amanda!

August 2012: Katy and Elizabeth’s graduate course on science communication, “Amplify the Signal”, gets a running start with 21 enthusiastic and impressively-experienced graduate students! We are writing online articles, doing radio spots, and working with the Orpheum on outreach.

August 2012: New MS student Christie Klinger arrives in Champaign-Urbana. She will study rhizobium adaptation to nitrogen fertilization!

August 2012: Collaborative grant with Astrid Ferrer and Jim Dalling is funded by NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity. We will be dodging the crocodiles in Coiba. Not too shabby!

August 2012: Two new papers are available online (though not yet indexed in WoS): “Variation in the nodule transcriptome” and “Coevolutionary constraints”!

June 2012: New paper with Katie McGhee on “Coevolutionary constraints” is accepted to PLoS ONE!

June 2012: Katy and Elizabeth Bagley will collaborate and offer a graduate seminar focused on NSF’s Broader Impacts criterion. Outreach activities promise to be authentic and fun!

March 2012: New paper with John Stinchcombe on “Coevolutionary genetic variation in the nodule transcriptome” is accepted to Molecular Ecology!

December 2012: Collaborative NSF grant on intermontane refugia in the pacific NW, led by Dan Gavin with Solomon Dobrowski and Feng-Sheng Hu, is recommended for funding!


October 2013: A perspective piece by Katy and John Stinchcombe is accepted for publication in Evolution! We argue for an evolutionary genetic approach to mutualism evolution and a greater focus on the maintenance of genetic variation.

February 2014: New paper on science recent grad course on broader impacts is accepted to BioScience! So excited to see this come out in print!

November 2013: Julia Ossler organizes a science outreach night in Danville and garners some attention from the local newspaper. Great job organizing and great job everyone who ran activities! Yeah!

February 2014: Katy finally joins Twitter @TheBadMutualist. It’s about time... still figuring out all the hashtags and linking it to here, and stuff. First order of business: let’s make #yogadouchery a thing.

March 2014: Katy and Scott’s new paper on connecting functional and statistical conceptions of G x G interactions will soon be out in a special issue on G x G in Frontiers in Genetics!

February 2014: Christie organizes a panel discussion on grad school in at the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference. Great job Christie, and thanks to all the panelists and students who showed up!