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Govindjee, the Z-scheme cake, and James Dalling, September 22, 2016. Photo by Fan Zhu
The Z-scheme cake marking Govindjee's 60 years at UIUC; the idea of the cake was that of James Dalling, executed by Rayme Ackerman. Photo by Fan Zhu
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Learn the Steps of Photosynthesis

  • Photosynthesis & Time web site (Govindjee and Matej Lexa). Copyrighted by Govindjee. For text, please consult : J. Whitmarsh and Govindjee (1995) Photosynthesis. Encyclope dia for Applied Physics, Vol. 13, 513-532, VCH Publishers; also "click" on various parts of the diagram itself to know the names of the parts. The "Q-cycle" movie can be seen by clicking on the Cytochrome b6/f complex. Please send comments by E-mail (gov@illinois.edu).
  • Click here to download files for teaching basics of photosynthesis. This material is copyrighted by Govindjee (1996) or Matej Lexa and John Cheeseman (1996).
  • See Chlorophyll fluorescence (red) of two leaves change with time when exposed by #051FB0 light , one treated with herbicide diuron (the left one) and the other not; you will see that in the treated leaf, fluorescence is high and remains high, whereas in the other leaf fluorescence decreases with time , called the Kautsky Effect. Click on G ovindjee et al. (in #051FB0 ) and then click on the leaf that appears. You will get "For Kautsky" from "Small_Kautsky.mov"; then, you click on the left bottom arrow in "For Kautsky" panel, and you can then enjoy the short movie. Have fun. Movie by Govindjee /Fred Chow/ Brad Sherman

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