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Professor Emeritus of Biophysics and Plant Biology
in the Departments of Plant Biology, Biochemistry
and the Center of Biophysics & Computational Biology

Department of Plant Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

265 Morrill Hall, MC-116
505 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801-3707, USA

Work Phone: 217-333-1794 
Home Phone: 217-337-0627 
Fax: 217-244-7246 

Recipients of Award for Excellence in Biological Sciences
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Photos in Govindjee's Camera, Aug 2014 Link
Govindjee's Book Collection Link
Govindjee’s Publications in Pub Med Link
A Comment "Running on Sun" written by Najafpour (Iran),Barber (UK), Shen (Japan), Moore (USA) and Govindjee (USA) Link
See the attached press release, showing commentary as part of a special collection to mark the centenary of Ciamician's paper: The Photochemistry of the Future. Link
Where to find the 2011 small book "Otto Warburg and the Midwest Gang" by K.Nickelsen and Govindjee? / What Howard Gest has to say about this book? Link/Link
Recent (1994-2012) Publications of Govindjee Link
A Conversation between Don R. Ort and Dr. Govindjee for the journal (Video)
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Govindjee in Sambalpur, India (2011)
A History Talk by Govindjee (2010)

Photosynthesis On-line: 2010, by Larry Orr and Govindjee  
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Honoring Diter von Wettstein (2010)
Honoring Andrew A. Benson by Govindjee (2010)
Honoring William L. Ogren by Govindjee (2011)
Honoring Bob Buchanan by Govindjee (2012)
          Bob Buchanan Photos by Govindjee
Honoring Alexander A. Krasnovsky by Govindjee (2013)
          Group Photographs of Krasnovsky
Honoring Andre Jagendorf by Govindjee (2013)
Honoring Wolfgang Junge by Govindjee (2013)
Govindjee and Andy Benson, 2002, Video : Courtesy of John Nishio Link

Govindjee was honored at an International Symposium in November, 2008


The Liberal Arts and Science Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Govindjee in 2008

Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration, Series Ed. Govindjee, 2008, Series Flyer

The First Lifetime Achievement Award of the Rebeiz Foundation of Basic Research was presented to Govindjee in 2007


A Special Issue of "Photosynthesis Research" Celebrating Govindjee's 50 years in photosynthesis research , 2007  

Guest Editorial, Part A, by Julian Eaton-Rye

Guest Editorial, Part B, by Julian Eaton-Rye

A Special Issue of "Photosynthesis Research" at Govindjee's 80th birthday, 2013  

Guest Editorial by S. Allakhverdiev, J.-R. Shen and G.T. Edwards

A Tribute by Julian Eaton-Rye

The Communication Award of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR) was presented to Govindjee at the 14th International Congress of Photosynthesis Research in July, 2007

Society of Experimental Biology Bulletin, October 2007

Comment by Bob Blankenship on the AIPH SeriesLink

Comment by Susan Golden on the AIPH Series Link

About Govindjee's Name Link

Click Here to view Photosynthesis by Rabinowitch and Govindjee

Time Line of Photosynthesis by Govindjee and D. Krogmann, 2006. Enhanced Photos

The 2010 Z-scheme



[This photograph was taken at the University of Allahabad,
Allahabad, India, in 1955; from left toright: T.Rajarao,
Rajni Varma, Manmohan Laloraya and Govindjee,
graduate students of Professor Shri Ranjan,who had
earlier worked with F. F. Blackman of UK.]

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