Long-term vole demographic data files - Site Map
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25 Year Data Files

Explanation and Procedure
Study Sites
List of study sites
Size of study sites; dates trapped
Sequence of study sites
Map of study sites
Grid Maps
Trapping Sessions/Months
Match of trapping sessions to months
Trapping sessions.xls
Microtus Data Files
Numbering sequences and publications
Original field trap records
Explanation and data file entries
Microtus ochrogaster original field trap records – 19 files
Microtus pennsylvanicus original field trap records – 19 files
Raw data compilations
Microtus ochrogaster raw data compilations – 18 files
Microtus pennsylvanicus raw data compilations – 15 files
Manipulative Studies
Supplemental feeding and Interspecific interactions
Home Range Data files
Explanation and procedures
Microtus ochrogaster home range data files – 20 files
Microtus pennsylvanicus home range data – 18 files
Blarina brevicauda
Explanation,procedures and publications
Blarina Manuscript
Data Files:
Blarina brevicauda Pop Den Alfalfa.xls
Blarina brevicauda Den Bluegrass.xls
Blarina brevicauda Pop Den Tallgrass.xls
3.5-Day Data Files
Explanation and Publications

Data Files
Alfalfa2 Data File.xls
Alfalfa3 Data File.xls

Unpublished Manuscripts
Original MSS - Amplitudes.pdf | Cycles.pdf | Demography.pdf | Home Ranges.pdf | Manipulation.pdf
Appendices from Published Papers (PDF)