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Unpublished Manuscripts

Included here are drafts of manuscripts that were rejected. Many have been revised and published in a different format. For all papers published from these datasets, see Vitae.

The original drafts were rejected primarily because it was thought by reviewers the methods of analyses were "weak", "unsophisticated" in terms of modern models available, included too much speculative material, or the manuscripts were too long, with too much detail, or a combination of all.

We are now in the process of breaking the data sets into smaller papers (including presentation of data for each species or habitat separately) and employing more "sophisticated" analyses. To be frank, the papers employing "modern" analytical tools for the most part show the same results/conclusions, frequently taking much more space to present the same results. Further, some of the results employing newer analytical models are obviously flawed, yielding unrealistic results.

Whatever the situation, these drafts are presented so that you may be able to see what might be happening within and among the populations. From these perhaps you will be able to identify and better design analytical procedures to test various hypotheses.

Original Manuscripts

Vole population dynamics: factors affecting amplitudes of fluctuation
Lowell L. Getz, Joyce E. Hofmann, Betty McGuire, and Madan K. Oli

Vole population fluctuations:factors affecting peak densities and intervals between peaks
Lowell L. Getz, Joyce E. Hofmann, Betty McGuire, And Madan K. Oli

Demography of fluctuating vole populations: Are changes in demographic variables consistent across individual cycles, habitats and species?
Lowell L. Getz, Joyce E. Hofmann, Betty McGuire, and Madan K. Oli

Home range dynamics of sympatric vole populations: influence of food resources, population density, interspecific competition, and mating system
Lowell L. Getz, Joyce E. Hofmann, Betty McGuire and Madan K. Oli

Dynamics of sympatric vole populations:influence of food resources and interspecific competition. Lowell L. Getz, Joyce E. Hofmann, Betty McGuire, and Madan K. Oli