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Xenopus Database


A cDNA library, enriched for clones up-regulated during the first four days of cornea-lens transdifferentiation (CLT) in Xenopus laevis, was prepared as described in Henry et al., 2002 (see also Walter et al., 2004, Mallach et al., 2009). The searchable database includes accession numbers, sequence information, putative identities, developmental in situ hybridization patterns and other information about the clones recovered from the CLT subtracted library.

Access the Xenopus Clone Database


Crepidula Database


A normalized cDNA library representing genes expressed during the first five days of development in Crepidula fornicata was analyzed by 454 GS FLX Titanium pyrosequencing. Approxiamately 1.3 million sequence reads were assembled into 39,000 contigs. These sequences were used for Blast analysis against the NCBI database. The significant alignments were compiled into a searchable Microsoft Excel worksheet that lists the putative annotations of each contig.

Access the Crepidula Database