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Wax Embryo Models

Antique wax model of Crepidula fornicata 4-cell stage embryo.

Digital Rendering of Wax Models

Photogrammetry is used to create 3D models.

3D Printing of Embryo Models

Models can be printed from stereolithography files.

3D Embryos Project Information

The 3D Embryos Project will gather and incorporate data to generate 3D models for a variety of organisms. Embryos are being imaged using either confocal microscopy or photography to create three dimensional files for viewing and 3D printing. Using the latter approach, older physical embryo models, including various antique wax or plastic models, are also being imaged. Anyone can view, download, and print these 3D models in order to appreciate the complex morphogenetic processes that take place in developing embryos of various species.

If you wish to loan physical models or contribute modeling data to the 3D Embryos Project, please contact 3Dembryos@gmail.com

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Wax Midge Model

Antique wax model of midge embryo.

Textured Animated Model


Photogrammetry is used to create a 3D midge model.

Digital Model for 3D Printing

Models can be printed from stereolithography files.

Click for Midge STL

We acknowledge the tremendous support of Travis Ross, Manager of the Beckman Institute Visualization Laboratory, who introduced us to the technique of photogrammetry. We also acknowledge the kind support of Meredith Mahoney, Curator, and others of the Illinois State Museum for loaning us models, such as the midge model above. Finally, we acknowledge the generous funding of the National Science Foundation that supports our research and the 3D Embryos Project.

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