Cameron Lab - Systematics and Biology of Social Hymenoptera

    Principle Investigator:

Sydney A. Cameron, Ph.D., Professor
scameron @

Bee Phylogenetics, Evolution and Genomics

     Postdoctoral Researchers:

Haw Chuan Lim, Ph.D.
hawclim @

Phylogenetics, Phylogeography and Population Genomics

     Graduate Students:

Michelle A. Duennes
mduennes @

Mesoamerican Bumble Bee Systematics

     Undergraduate Students:

Megan Ahern

Bumble bee conservation

Tim O'Connor

Speciation in Tropical Vespidae

Emily Floess (REU student)

Pupal Development in Bumble Bees


Jennifer Grixti
jgrixti @

Bee Conservation

     Moving On:

Jeff Lozier

Insect Population Genetics

Heather Hines
hhines @

Systematics and Evolution of Bumble Bees

Claus Rasmussen
clausr @

Systematics and Behavior of Tropical Bees

Christina North

Bumble Bee Pathogens

Hannah Imlay (Howard Hughes undergrad)

Rob Whallon (James Scholar undergrad)