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News Image35th Annual IFFF 

The 35th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival took place on Saturday, February 24th, 2018 in Foellinger Auditorium. This year's theme was "Ticks". Short films shown included an episode of Ben 10 ("The Big Tick"), an episode of Soldiers of Fortune ("Bite of the Ruby Red"), and the feature film was the 1993 "Ticks". The evening also included our insect petting zoo and our annual insect art contest. More information on previous years and the art contest is found on the Entomology Graduate Student website or on Facebook.

Adam DolezalNew Hire! 

The entomology department at UIUC warmly welcomes the newest addition Dr. Adam Dolezal! Dr. Dolezal joined the department at the beginning of November. His research investigates the interaction between environmental stressors, such as pesticides, parasites, and nutritional deficits, and honey bee health. His work combines elements of physiological development, transcriptomics, and insect behavior. He is also interested in collaborating will local bee keepers to improve practices and promote honey bee health.

News Image  Endangered bumble  bee

The rusty patched bumblebee, Bombus affinis, will now be protected after being formally recognized as an endangered species. Its addition to the federal list of endangered species was made possible, in part, by the work of Dr. Sydney Cameron and her 2010 survey of bumble bees published in PNAS. She was recently interviewed by CBS regarding the decline of B. affinis.

News Image  Stanley Friedman  Memorial

Stanley Friedman, Head of the Entomology Department from 1975-1992
On September 18, 2017, expressions of appreciation of Stanley Friedman from current and past faculty and students as well as family members and others in attendance were portrayed during a Celebration of Life service in his honor in the Charles G. Miller Auditorium (B102 Chemical and Life Sciences Building). Remembrances from those who could not attend can be read here.
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In other news

2/21/2018: You can read about the 35th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival at Smile Politely and PCT Magazine.
11/10/2017: Congratulations to the following students who won prizes for their 10-minute talks at the annual ESA meeting Entomology 2017: Aron Katz - 2nd place, Rachel Skinner - 2nd place, Selina Ruzi - 2nd place, and Dajia (Krisa) Ye - 1st place.
News Image 6/19/17: Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate National Pollinator Week in Champaign-Urbana from June 19th through the 26th with events organized by the Entomology Graduate Student Association. Free events included: kids activities at the Farmer's Market, a BeeBlitz with BeeSpotter, Trivia Night, and Balloon Insects at the Orpheum Children's Museum. Remember to look out for our events next year by liking us on Facebook.
4/22/2017: A big thank you to everyone who participated the Champaign-Urbana March for Science on Saturday, April 22nd. This event was headlined by an amazing speech delivered by our own department head, May Berenbaum.

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