Services & Equipment

  • Milling machine work
  • Precision lathe work
  • Sheet metal design and fabrication
  • Welding, soldering, and brazing
  • Woodworking design and fabrication

Specialty Services

  • Calibration of laboratory equipment
  • Lab water system maintenance and repair
  • Vacuum system service and repair
  • Waterbath and platform shaker repair
  • Laboratory equipment development and maintenance
  • Plastic labware design and construction
  • Laboratory refrigeration system diagnosis and repair

Used Equipment

The different types of equipment used in the Machine Shop include:

  • 2014 prototrak CNC lathe
  • 1989 Hardinge superprecision toolroom lathe
  • Lincoln MIG Welder
  • All common sheet metal equipment
  • Most common machine shop equipment
  • 2010 2-axis Bridgport Mill with prototrak CNC
  • 2004 3-axis Bridgport Mill with prototrak CNC
2004 Bridgeport Mill

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