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Instrument Repair

We can repair just about anything you can plug into an electrical outlet. We have schematics or service manuals for just about all instruments used in Life Sciences. Below is a partial list of equipment we work on:

  • centrifuges
  • water baths
  • incubators
  • power supplies
  • television sets
  • VCR's
  • spectrophotometers
  • amplifiers
  • oscilloscopes


On-site or carry-in service is provided for your microscopes. We have experience working on all brands and types of microscopes:

  • American Optical
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Fisher
  • Nikon
  • Olympus
  • Wild
  • Zeiss
  • compound microscopes
  • dissecting microscopes
  • fluorescence microscopes
  • inverted microscopes
  • phase-contrast microscopes
  • petrographics microscopes
  • illuminators
  • fiber-optic illuminators

Services provided for your microscopes and illuminators are cleaning, repair, and adjustment:

  • lens and eyepieces
  • fine and coarse adjustments
  • mechanical stages
  • Kohler alignment
  • phase condensers

If you have microscope needs that are not listed here, call us. We'll be glad to help.



Our ANSI/ASTM Class 1 weights are calibrated to NIST Standards and are ISO 9001 Certified. See us if your balance needs:

  • Calibration
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • New lamp

We service all makes and models of balances:

  • Mettler
  • Sartorius
  • Fisher
  • Denver
  • digital
  • top-loaders
  • analytical


We will no longer clean and calibrate your pipettes for you.

If you want an outside company to work on your pipettes, try one of these:

Rainin, see Lisa Melton 800-828-2788 ext. 338
Midwest Scientific 800-227-9997
Brinkmann Instruments 800-645-3050
Scientific Calibration 800-892-9817
AccuTek Laboratories 800-243-3232
VWR, see Tom Klebe 800-431-4132 ext. 6333
Novamed 800-354-6676
Pipet People 800-253-7064

Office Equipment

Does your office equipment need service?

  • keyboards
  • electric staplers
  • paper shredders
  • outlet strips

Circuit Design

If you need a custom circuit, we can design one for you.

Don't waste time trying to do it yourself. Let our professional staff empower your research or instruction with custom circuitry. We may already have the design you need. Get your specifications together and come by 64 Burrill Hall.

We provide complete documentation: schematics, layout, operation, parts lists.

Previous designs include:

  • electroporators- our famous "Gene Zapper"
  • computer interfacing
  • insect counters
    • flying insects and their biomass
    • bees entering hive/ bees exiting hive
  • turtle compasses
    • opto-electronics sensors
    • 8 points of the compass
    • sleep/swim indicator
    • interfaced to computer
  • dishwasher controller
    • replaced obsolete factory controller
    • uses programmable logic controller
    • controller can be reprogrammed and used elsewhere
    • extremely hardy
  • low-level analog amplifiers
  • low voltage DC power supplies
  • high voltage switching DC power supplies
  • circuit to synchronize a strobe lamp, video camera, and VCR
    • provides marker every 10 frames on VCR tape
    • gives different marker every 100 frames
    • triggers strobe lamp
    • freezes motion of subject
  • light sensors
  • motor controllers
  • voltage clamps
  • opto-electrical position sensors

Circuit/Chassis Construction

Do you have:

  • electronic circuits you need to have built
  • chassis construction that needs to be done

Our staff totals over 40 years of experience in circuit, chassis, and PCB construction.

We feature:

  • DesignCAD for circuit schematics and layouts
  • modular, easy to repair circuitry
  • high quality labelling of the chassis
  • complete documentation

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition can be a complex proposition. Many items need to be considered:

  • sensor types and signals
  • signal conditioning
  • isolation
  • noise
  • single-ended or differential signals
  • gain
  • resolution (A/D bits)
  • sampling rate
  • data logger/serial or parallel box/PC expansion card
  • PC bus type
  • data acquisition software
  • data analysis software

If you need a system designed and set up, need recommendations on a board or software, or if you just have a question, see Gerald Frank.

There are also catalogs for:

  • National Instruments
  • Keithley Metrabyte
  • Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Industrial Computer Source
  • CyberResearch
  • Datel
  • ComputerBoards
  • Access I/O Products
  • and more...


See us if your application involves:
  • position control
  • logic control
  • heating/cooling control
  • computer interfacing

We have experience in design, specification, and construction with:

  • data acquisition/control computer interface cards
  • LabView software
  • motion control using linear actuators
  • stepping motor controllers
  • modular, PID heating/cooling controllers
  • programmable logic controllers (PLC's)
  • General Electric LogicMaster 90 software
  • sensors, feedback, and readouts


The Electronics Shop has designed and built interactive teaching systems for six of our teaching labs. Each system empowers the user with:

  • one central control console
  • easy selection of a/v source:
    • Networked computer
    • VCR
    • Laserdisk player
    • Elmo overhead presenter
    • Microscope-mounted video camera
    • other composite video or RGB source
  • LCD color video projector
  • audio volume control

The Electronics Shop designed and supervised the installation of the audio/video system in the Auditorium, B102 Chemical/Life Sciences Building. This page describes the New B102 Touch Panel.

We can help you select and interface audio and video equipment.


Projector Checkout

The Electronics Shop has the following items available to Life Sciences staff for checkout. There is no charge for a checkout. Projectors may be signed out up to a full semester.

  • overhead projectors
  • slide projectors with remote controls
  • slide carousels (also for sale)

We also stock lamps for most projectors.


Light Bulb Sales

We stock over 200 different kinds of lamps and bulbs. We have bulbs for many types of equipment:

  • overhead projectors
  • slide projectors
  • microscopes
  • fluorescence microscopes
  • balances
  • fiber optic illuminators
  • spectrophotometers

Bulb types include:

  • halogen
  • incandescent
  • mercury fluorescent (HBO 103W/2)
  • low voltage

If we don't have the bulb you need, we can probably get it. Bring your old bulb to the Electronics Shop, 64 Burrill Hall.

Any questions or comments regarding information on these pages, please call 217-333-3047.  This page was last updated on 04/24/07.