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With Coworkers at The University of Allahabad

[This photograph was taken at the University of Allahabad,
Allahabad, India, in 1955; from left to right: T.Rajarao,
Rajni Varma, Manmohan Laloraya and Govindjee,
graduate students of Professor Shri Ranjan, who had
earlier worked with F. F. Blackman of UK.]

With Eugene Rabinowitch of University of Illinois

[This photograph was taken at Stockholm, Sweden, in 1961;
from left to right: Professor Eugene Rabinowitch (PhD thesis advisor ),
Rajni Govindjee (Ph D, 1961, Botany, University of Illinois) and
Govindjee (Ph.D., 1960, Biophysics, University of Illinois).]

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