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Teaching and Teaching Awards

Systematics of Plants (Integrative Biology 335)
Taught Every Spring Semester

Introduces the principles and methods of identifying, naming, and classifying flowering plants. It includes a survey of selected flowering plant families and provides information on their interrelationships. The course meets three times a week for lecture and once a week for a two hour lab. It is co-taught with Dr. Kenneth R. Robertson (Plant Biology and Illinois Natural History Survey). The Digital Flowers program incorporates digitized plant images and is used in most lectures. Recently, this course website was named to Online Education Database's (OEDb) Top 100 Open Courseware Projects list.

Link to IB 335 home page and syllabus

Principles of Systematics (Integrative Biology 467)
Taught Every Other Fall Semester

A comprehensive survey of the theory and methodology of systematics as they are applied today to all groups of organisms, with a practical experience in the acquisition and analysis of systematic data. The course meets three times a week for lecture and once a week for a two hour lab. In collaboration with the late Dr. Ellis MacLeod (Entomology), I developed this course in 1994. Since that time, I have taught it on my own or in collaboration with Drs. Sydney Cameron and Jim Whitfield (Entomology).

Link to IB 467 home page and syllabus

Evolutionary Survey of Plants (Integrative Biology 469)
Taught Every Other Fall Semester

A lecture and laboratory course dealing with the structure, development, reproduction and phylogeny of land plants, as represented by mosses, liverworts, lycophytes, ferns, horsetails gnetophytes, conifers, cycads, angiosperms, and fossil plants. The evolutionary changes that led to this diversity will be emphasized and recent literature will be discussed. The course meets three times a week for lecture and once a week for a two hour lab.

Link to IB 469 home page

Biological Sciences (Integrative Biology 100 and 101)
Taught Every Semester

Introduction to biology for the non-biology major. The course focuses on three contemporary issues--maintaining a livable environment, human health, and evolution. Since arriving at UIUC, I have rotated through this course three times.

Link to IB 467 home page and syllabus

Other Courses
Introductory Research (Integrative Biology 390)
Discussions in Plant Biology (Integrative Biology 510)
Discussions in Systematic Biology (Integrative Biology 514)
Individual Topics (Integrative Biology 590)
Thesis Research (Plant Biology 599)

Teaching Awards

Ranked "excellent" by students, UIUC
Placement on "An incomplete list of teachers ranked excellent by their students" for IB 335 (5 times: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002, 1996) and IB 467 (2 times: 2000, 1994)
Directory of Incomplete Lists of Teachers Ranked as Excellent

Outstanding Staff Member, Panhellenic Council, UIUC

Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Scholar, UIUC

Honored and recognized in Who's Who Among American Teachers and Educators, 11th ed. 2007