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Some past and present members (L to R): Fengjie Sun, Changshook Lee, Stephen Downie, Deborah Katz-Downie, Mary Ann Feist, Carolina Calviño, Gina Colletti

Previous Lab Members
The composition of the Downie Lab group is ever changing. See "Current Lab Members" link for current members of the lab.

Students interested in pursuing graduate work in my lab are encouraged to contact me. See Department Grad Admissions for admissions information.

Undergraduates willing to pursue independent research in my lab should contact me as well. Click Research Courses in IB for more information.

Carolina Calviño studied the systematics of basal Apioideae and Saniculoideae for her Ph.D., with an emphasis on the genus Eryngium (plant in photo)

Laboratory Visitors and Postdocs
Krzysztof Spalik, Visiting Scientist, May 1997-Aug 1997; May 1998-Aug 1998; Jul 2002-Aug 2002; Jul 2003-Aug 2003
Changshook Lee, Postdoc, Aug 2002-Jul 2003
Christine Desfeux, Postdoc, Sep 1996-May 1997
Carmen M. Valiejo-Roman, Visiting Scientist, Oct-Nov 1995; Jun-Sep 1996
Gregory M. Plunkett, Postdoc, Aug 1995-Aug 1996
Alex V. Troitsky, Visiting Scientist, Oct 1995
Kyung-Jin Cho, Postdoc, Jan 1993-Dec 1994

Fengjie Sun studied the North American genus Cymopterus and its allies for his Ph.D. degree

Previous Graduate Students
Carolina Calviño, Ph.D. 2007
Tiffany Bone, M.S. 2007
Fengjie Sun, Ph.D. 2003
Tricia Hardway, M.S. 2001
Byoungyoon Lee, Ph.D. 1998
Seemanti Ramanath, M.S. 1997

Other Graduate Students Associated with the Lab
Vernie Sagun, Ph.D. 2008
Jeongran Lee, Ph.D. 2000
Kurt Potgieter, Ph.D. 1998
David H. Clarke, Ph.D. 1995

In addition, I have served on or am currently serving on Ph.D. or M.S. examining committees for 25 additional students.