MCB 450
Introductory Biochemistry
School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Most recent announcements will be at the top of this list.


- Exam 2 scores have been uploaded into the gradebook.



- Dr. Orlean's review slides to accompany Exam 2 review can be downloaded here: ppt/pdf



Dr. Levesque will be giving the Metabolism lecture (#14) this Thursday.



LonCapa questions issues: This link contains questions that were initially graded incorrectly in LonCapa. Anyone who had these questions and put in the right answer (but were graded as being wrong) were given full credit in LonCapa irrespective of whether or not they had submitted a regrade request. However, be aware that the original erroneous “correct” answers will still appear in LonCapa.



- Dr. Levesque's slides to accompany Exam 1 review can be downloaded here: LL_review_Exam1.ppt/LL_review_Exam1.pdf

- Dr. Orlean's review slides to accompany Exam 1 review can be downloaded here: ppt/pdf



- A detailed explanation for questions 1 and 2 of homework 3 can be downloaded here: Hmw3_key.pdf

- Answers to the versions of questions 1 and 2 of homework 2 for which the correct answer was not available in LonCapa can be downloaded here: Hmw2_key.pdf



-We are getting a number of requests for office hours outside the weekly thirteen slots already scheduled. We cannot offer some of you extra office hours unless we are prepared to so for all of the students in the class. Since there are 335 of you currently registered, it is impossible to accommodate everyone. We will only do so under exceptional cases.

-To request extra office hours, you need to submit your weekly schedule and show that you have a conflict with all of the thirteen scheduled office hours.

-You also have two alternate options to get help. You can submit specific questions to the through which you should expect an answer within 24 hours or ask questions to your peers through the LonCapa post.



  • The publisher of our textbook, W.H. Freeman, has a number of educational videos, quizzes, and weblinks available for free using the following link:


  • The following links can help you learn the amino acid structures along with their 3-letter and 1-letter code.
  • Amino Acid ID Quizes: (