Introduction to Photoshop 7.0 - Summer 2004
EdTech Center - Life Sciences - UIUC
Lesson 1 - Work area, file browser and history palette
Image types, selecting tools in different ways and viewing images in different ways, keyboard shortcuts, managing palettes and context sensitive and on-line help. Using the History palette and snapshots to correct mistakes and go back to earlier states of your work. Using the File Browser to manage image collections.

Photoshop 7 Introduction (PDF)

Lesson 2 - Basic Photo Corrections and saving for the web
Choosing the correct resolution, cropping, resizing, adjusting the tonal range, removing color casts, adjusting saturation and brightness, clone tool to eliminate unwanted parts of an image, pattern stamp tool, healing brush, patch tool and history brush, sharpening an image. Optimizing an image for the web.

Basic Guide to Photo Correction in Photoshop 7.0

Correcting Red Eye in Photographs

Retouching tools (or download as PDF (380K)

Lesson 3- Working with Selections
Basics of selecting and moving objects - which is primary to working in Photoshop. Selecting parts of an image with a variety of tools, using multiple selection tools to make complex selections, moving and duplicating selections, adding, subtracting and rotating selections.

Making and moving selections

The Selection Tools (download as PDF)

Lesson 4 - Layer Basics
Learn how create and or ganize an image with layers and how layers affect file size, learn the Layers palette and how to select, view, hide, link and reorder layers. Apply blending modes and add a gradient and text and layer effects. Save a flattened image without layers.

About layers

Selecting Color In Photoshop

Lesson 5 - Masks and Channels
Using quick masks to refine a selection, saving a permanent as an alpha channel, loading a saved selection and applying effects, create and use a gradient mask, applying filter effects, making intricate selections by using the extract command.

Masks and Channels

Lesson 6 - Pen tool, Paths and vector graphics
Drawing straight and curved lines with the pen tool, editing, saving, filling and stroking paths, converting paths to selections and selections to paths. Differentiate between bitmap and vector graphics, draw and edit layer shapes and layer paths, create complex layer shapes by combining or subtracting different shapes, combine vector paths to create a shape, use edit mode to add or edit a text layer, use a text layer to create a work path, use work path to create a vector mask. Load and apply custom layer shapes.

As time allows:

  • Preparing Images for the Web
  • Introduction to the Actions palette
  • Web animations and image maps

  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book - contains the lessons used in this class, plus a CD with practice images.
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