Publications for John Cheeseman - Hydrogen Peroxide Metabolism

The following is a list of major publications from my lab during the period in which peroxide and peroxidases were the major focus.

Pearse I, Heath KD, Cheeseman JM 2005. A partial characterization of peroxidase in Rhizophora mangle. Plant, Cell and Environment 28: 612-622.

Cheeseman JM (2006). Hydrogen peroxide concentrations in leaves under natural conditions. Journal of Experimental Botany 57: 2435-2444.

Cheeseman J (2007) Hydrogen peroxide and plant stress: a challenging relationship. Plant Stress 1, 4-15 (invited review).

Cheeseman J (2009). Seasonal patterns of leaf H2O2 content: reflections of leaf phenology, or environmental stress? Functional Plant Biology, 2009. 36: p. 721-731.