David J. Shapiro

Professor of Biochemistry & Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine
B.S. 1967 Brooklyn College
Ph.D. 1972 Purdue University
Postdoc. 1972-1973 Stanford University Medical School
Postdoc. 1973-1974 Stanford University


Chengjian Mao

Senior Researcher
B.S. 1986 Fudan University
Ph.D. 1993 Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry
Postdoc. Chinese Academy of Science


Liqun Yu

Graduate Student, Biochemistry
B.S. 2010 Wuhan University of Technology
M.S. 2013 Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ji Eun Kim

Graduate Student, Biochemistry
B.S. 2012 University of Texas at Austin

Lawrence Wang

Graduate Student, Biochemistry
B.S. 2015 California Institute of Technology


Darjan Duraki

Graduate Student, Biochemistry
B.S. 2016 University of Illinois at Chicago

Santanu Ghosh

Graduate Student, Biochemistry
B.S. 2015 Presidency University
M.S. 2017 Indian Institute of Technology




Undergraduate Students:

  • Ciyang Wang, Biochemistry, Class of 2018
  • Yu Zheng, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Class of 2020


Graduate Students:

  • Mara Livezey, PhD, Instructor at the University of Detroit Mercy
  • Xiaobin Zheng, PhD, Program Director for Health Data Science at Insight Data Science
  • Lily Mahapatra, MD/PhD, Resident in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
  • Mathew Cherian, MD/PhD, Resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of New Mexico
  • Neal D. Andruska, MD/PhD, Resident in Radiation Oncology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
  • Milu T. Cherian, PhD, Senior Analyst at Oncology, SmartAnalyst, Inc.
  • Irene Aninye, PhD, Senior Program Associate at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Undergraduate Students:

  • Rui Huang, Graduate Student in Biochemistry at Duke University
  • Jeffrey Trost, Medical Student at University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Khin-Khin Soe Wu, Medical Student at Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine
  • Amanda Etheridge, Medical Student at University of Illinois College of Medicine


Elaine Alarid, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associate Professor, Department of Oncology
Collaboration: Estrogen Receptor


Paul J. Hergenrother, Ph.D.

University of Illinois
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Collaboration: Drug Discovery, Small Molecule Synthesis


Erik R. Nelson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Collaboration: In-vivo Drug Evaluation


Steven K. Nordeen, Ph.D.

University of Colorado and Health Sciences Center
Professor, Department of Pathology
Collaboration: Coactivator Studies, Progesterone Receptor


Elizabeth Wilson, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Laboratories for Reproductive Biology & Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Collaboration: Androgen Receptor

Chen Zhang, Ph.D.

University of Illinois
Director, High-throughput Screening Facility
Collaboration: High-throughput Screening