[power supply]

Once the gel has been prepared and loaded, the electrical leads on the running tank are connected to a power supply like the one shown in the photo. The power supply has 3 needle gauges on it, showing what the voltage, current, and power levels are. Power supplies like this can be run in constant mode for any of the 3 variables, and the dials below the gagues are used to set the constant level.

You have already seen this power supply, in the photo of the electrophoresis equipment at the top of the Gel Electrophoresis page. Remember? If not, go back to that page to refresh your memory and put together all the information you've learned so far.

By the way, the man you see pretending to work in the background of this photo isn't all that bad a guy, no matter what his graduate students say about him! (Just kidding, Ray!)

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