Course Grading Structure


Grades are based on a 450 point scale.

Your grade in MCB100 will be determined by how many points you earn in the following areas:

300 points are possible

Homework - based on LON-CAPA
100 points are possible

Participation in Lectures via Top Hat (or sign the attendance sheet)
50 points are possible

A+ to A- = 450 – 405 points or 100% to 90.0%
B+ to B- = 404 – 360 points or 89.9% to 80.0%
C+ to C- = 359 – 315 points or 79.9% to 70.0%
D+ to D- = 314 – 270 points or 69.9% to 60.0%

A+ = more than 435 points
A . = 435 - 420 points
A- = 419 - 405 points

B+ = 404 - 390 points
B . = 389 - 375 points
B- = 374 - 360 points

C+ = 359 - 345 points
C . = 344 - 330 points
C- = 329 - 315 points

D+ = 314 - 300 points
D . = 299 - 285 points
D- = 284 - 270 points

F less than 270 points



There are two hourly exams that are each worth 100 points.
The final exam is also worth 100 points.
I do not drop any of your exam scores.


Cheating on exams will not be tolerated.  If you are caught cheating your exam will be confiscated and you will get a zero.

There will be a conflict exam scheduled for each exam on the day before the rest of the class takes the test.
There are no conflict exams given after the class takes the test.

There are no make up exams
.  If you must miss an exam due to illness, family tragedy, a University sponsored trip, jury duty, military service etc. contact Dr. Chapman as soon as humanly possible.   If you must miss an exam and are granted an excused absence I will prorate your grade on the basis of your scores from the other two exams.  Circumstances leading to a missed exam will be considered on a case by case basis and the instructor’s decision about granting you an excused absence or not is final.  If you know in advance that you will have to miss an exam contact Dr. Chapman to sign up to take the conflict exam.   If you can’t take an exam at the regular time and you can’t take the conflict exam at the time it is scheduled, contact Dr. Chapman and explain why you should be granted an excused absence so you can get a prorated exam score.


There will be ten homework problem sets worth 10 points each to make up 100 points of your grade. These problems will be done using the LON-CAPA system. A link to the LON-CAPA system can be found on the home page of the MCB100 course web site. More information about how to get on and use LON-CAPA is found in the course syllabus, which can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

Because the answers to LON-CAPA problems are posted a few minutes after the due date for the assignment has passed, no extensions are granted on LON-CAPA assignments. In MCB100 the LON-CAPA assignments are posted for at least 10 days to two weeks. There is no excuse for not completing a LON-CAPA assignment. It is not a good idea to wait until a few hours before the due date of an assignment to begin working on the problems. If there is very little time to complete the assignment then there is a greater probability that some technical issue, sickness or family emergency will arise that prevents you from completing the problems. If you miss a LON-CAPA assignment in MCB100 there will be a make-up folder that will be open during the last two weeks of the semester. If you miss two or more LON-CAPA assignments, there is no way for you to make up the points. Basically there are 11 homework folders and I drop your lowest homework folder score.

Extra Credit Points
Extra credit problems may be offered through the LON-CAPA system at the instructor's discretion if the mean on an exam is lower than 79%.
If any extra credit opportunity is offered, it is offered to all students. No special extra credit opportunities are offered to individual students. If there are extra credit problems offered then it may be possible for some students to earn more than 450 points. The make-up homework folder is not the same thing as "extra credit".

Top Hat enabled Lecture Question Participation

These are held during the normal class time.
There will be discussion questions every lecture day this semester.
Participation is worth about 50 points for the semester.
There are no make-ups for participation in the lecture discussions but if you have an excused absence your score can be prorated.