Course Description & Information

Course Overview - updated for Spring 2018

This course provides an introduction to the principle activities and properties of microorganisms, including: Bacteria, Archaea, Yeasts, Molds, Protozoa and Viruses.

The material to be covered includes:

  • a survey of microbial diversity
  • the history of the development of concepts regarding microorganisms
  • microbial metabolic processes such as fermentation and photosynthesis
  • infections and host-parasite interactions
  • host resistance and immunity to infection
  • public health and communicable diseases
  • the roles of microorganisms in food products and spoilage
  • the roles of microorganisms in sewage treatment, agriculture and the environment

There are no prerequisites for MCB 100 but some chemistry is recommended.


Room 112 Gregory Hall
2:00 - 2:50 AM


Microbiology - with diseases by taxonomy
5th custom edition for the University of Illinois
By Bauman
ISBN 1-323-47025-5