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Welcome to IB 471, General Mycology. This course provides an introduction to the various groups of fungi, their morphology, biological activities and economic importance.

The IB 471 web site is organized into three basic parts. You are currently on the Home Page. If you click on Syllabus, you will be able to access, view and print the (1) Lecture outlines, (2) laboratory exercises, and (3) PowerPoint lecture presentations and image galleries for each week.

So now step into the wonderful Kingdom of the Fungi

Course Information


Dr. Andrew Miller, Illinois Natural History Survey, Robert A. Evers Laboratory (Room 2003), 1909 South Oak Street, office hours by appointment. (amiller7@illinois.edu)

Teaching Assistant

Dan Raudabaugh, Department of Plant Biology (raudaba2@illinois.edu)

Time and Location

Mondays and Wednesdays, 1pm-4pm.
Lecture & Laboratory - Room 4072, Natural History Building


Text 1 (required): Kendrick. 2000. The Fifth Kingdom (3rd Ed.), Focus Publishing, Newburyport, MA.
Text 2 (recommended) Alexopoulos, Mims and Blackwell. 1996. Introductory Mycology (4th Ed.), John Wiley & Sons, NY. On reserve in the Biology Library, only the Fourth Edition is acceptable.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Website: E. Barbara Meyer - Educational Technology Center -Life Sciences

Web site: E. Barbara Meyer - Educational Technologies Center - Life Sciences.
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