Current Research Projects

Climate-fire-vegetation interactions in boreal ecosystems

forest fire
  • Treeline and climate change in the early Holocene in the Brooks Range of Alaska

  • Effects of climate vs. vegetation composition on the Holocene fire regime

Tundra, climate change, and soil carbon

  • Climatic and vegetational oscillations at the last glacial-interglacial transition

  • Geomorphic controls on soil-carbon cycling and vegetation development

Abrupt climate change and ecosystem response in the mid-continent

prairie plants
  • Cyclic climate events recorded in laminated lake sediments

  • Relative importance of C3/C4 photosynthetic pathways during the middle Holocene

  • Snow belts and peatland succession in the Great Lakes region

Tree migration in western North America

pine cones
  • Landscape fragmentation and migration lags in the Pacific Northwest

  • Molecular-genetic analysis of Quaternary boreal-biome development

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University of Illinois

updated: 08/06/2013