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UIUC Internet Resources from Off-campus

Access is restricted to certain campus Internet resources from networks outside of the network. For instance, the UIUC Library offers full access to many electronic journals. When accessing the journals from on-campus, access is unrestricted. If you attempt to access these journals from off-campus (via the Library's web site), you'll be prompted for your NetID and password before access will be granted.

Other resources must be accessed from on-campus. For instance, Windows file sharing ports are blocked at the campus gateway, so you must be on-campus to connect to a share on another Windows computer.

CITES offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. You can install the VPN client software on your computer. When you are then connected to a remote network, you can start the VPN client and establish a connection to the CITES VPN server. While your VPN connection is active, traffic from your computer will be encrypted and sent to the VPN server. If you try to access Internet resources on campus, your computer will appear to be on-campus and access should be unrestricted.

To find out more about the CITES VPN service and to download the client software, please see:

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