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UIUC & Life Email Changes 2018

You may have received this email message:

IMPORTANT: Upcoming UIUC & Life Email Changes

Campus email is changing, and since you have a
account, you must take action before August.

Changes to campus email policy will make it impossible for you to
receive all of your messages via your Life email account.  Everyone at
the University has an account on the campus Exchange email system.
Your Exchange account is currently forwarding mail to your Life

In the future, only your campus email account will receive campus
messages.  We recommend you begin using Exchange as your primary email
account, so that you can read all of your messages in one place.

Once you transition to your Exchange account:

- You will continue to receive messages addressed to

- You can continue to use Thunderbird if you wish.

- You can use the a webmail server to access your Exchange
  account at:
  or if your account is still on the campus Exchange system:

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us, so we can help
you switch to Exchange easily.

Next steps are:

  • Meet with Life IT (optional)
    Contact us at
    Make an appointment with us, and we can help you to quickly move through all the steps below.

  • Empty your Exchange inbox (optional)
    Your Exchange inbox will contain all of the messages sent to you by other campus users for the past several years. You will be able to copy the complete collection of stored messages from the server, so you probably do not want to keep this duplicate subset of your email.
    Log into your Exchange account via the server as described above.
    Click the "Mail" link in the upper-left if you are still on the "mailbox rules" page from above.
    Richt-click on Inbox along the left.
    Choose Empty Folder from the pop-up menu.
    All messages will be moved to the "Deleted Items" folder.

  • Remove forwarding rule from Exchange
    *** Note: after this step, you will begin to receive some of your email only on the Exchange system.***

    Login at using your email address.
    Click on the "Settings" gear icon in the upper-right, and "Mail" in the lower-right.
    Select "Inbox and sweep rules" on the left to see a rule titled "Redirect ALL to ...".
    Select that rule, click the "Delete" trash-can icon, and MOST IMPORTANTLY click "Save" at the top, so that it turns gray, to stop the rule.
    Now mail will no longer forward to your account.

  • Forward future Life messages to Exchange
    Contact us at and we will enable forwarding, so any messages addressed to your (or address will be forwarded to your Exchange account.

  • Set up the campus Electronic Directory (ED) alias to deliver to Exchange
    The ED system supports the routing of your (and email from external mail systems.
    Log in at:
    Set your email field to, e.g.:
    Note: the domain ends with, not
    More info:

  • Update anti-spam configuration
    Accounts on the typically have a setting of 'Tag & Deliver' in the Technology Services Spam Control system, which means spam messages are detected but still delivered. On the Life system, these messages were then delivered to your 'spam' mailbox. When you've moved to the campus system, the spam messages will appear directly in your Inbox using the 'Tag & Deliver' setting. To correct this, you should update the settings for your Spam Control account at:

    and click the Request a Digest link. Then use the "Send Daily Digest Now!" or "Send Full Digest Now!" button to request a digest message. You'll receive a message that describes any messages in your Spam Control quarantine (probably none), but the message also includes a Manage My Account link. Use this link to visit the Spam Control page for your account. At the bottom of the left column of this page, click the Profile link. In the right pane, select one of the options: "Cautious", "No Quarantine", "Caution Plus", "Cautious Plus No Quarantine", "Aggressive", and click the Save button.
    More info at

  • Transfer existing messages from Life to Exchange
    Contact us at Currently, the easiest way to transfer mail from the Life to Exchange system is to meet with us. If that is difficult, please contact us for more info.

  • Reconfigure email clients to use Exchange
    Windows, Apple, iOS, Android instructions from Technology Services
    If you will continue to use Thunderbird, request authorization to use the campus SMTP server from

  • Shut down Life account
    When the dust has settled and you are only using your Exchange account for new mail, and all of your old mail has been transferred to Exchange, we will want to shut down your Life email account. Please contact us at or we may be in touch when we notice your Life account is no longer in use.

More info

The campus created a Microsoft Exchange email system in 2011, and everyone active on campus had an account created at that time. For people using the system, a forwarding rule was created to allow all mail to be delivered to the Life email system. When accounts on the Exchange system are upgraded later this year, forwarding will no longer be allowed, and messages sent to you by other campus users will only be available via the campus Exchange system.

At this time, we do not know when individual Exchange accounts will be upgraded, but the announced migration period is from March - November 2018. We expect most accounts will be upgraded during the summer. Once forwarding from Exchange is disabled, you will miss messages from senders if you are not actively reading your Exchange account.

Configuration of Common Apps


You will access Webmail using the browser address, account Sign in and campus AD Password, as well as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via UI Verify and Duo. This new site will be used in place of the Life Sciences SquirrelMail page for accessing your email when devices with other email software installed (below) are not available.

Outlook 2016 (Mac or Windows)

Instructions will be provided soon. Contact with any questions.

Thunderbird (Mac or Windows)

To continue using Thunderbird, add your new Exchange email account to Thunderbird's settings.

With Thunderbird open, select the Tools (Mac) or Options (Windows) menu, Account Settings, Account Actions in the lower left, and then choose Add Mail Account. After entering your Illinois Email address and AD Password, it's important to click the Manual config button and then enter these first-time settings:

Incoming: IMAP    993    SSL/TLS    Autodetect
Outgoing: SMTP       587    STARTTLS   Autodetect
Username: (for incoming & outgoing fields) 

To ensure all your folders show up, select the Tools (Mac) or Options (Windows) menu, Account Settings, and find the Server Settings section UNDER section header with the arrow. When the correct Server Settings is selected, click the Advanced... button and UNCHECK Show only subscribed folders and then click OK. Finally, click the arrow to the left of account, below Outbox, to ensure you can see the "life" folder containing your old "INBOX".

After Life Sciences email has finished migrating your old email to the "life" folder, we will contact you and suggest you remove the account from Account Settings, so it no longer shows up in Thunderbird.

Mobile Devices – Android and iPhones (iOS)

Add your new Exchange account on Android or iOS, from the Accounts section of the Settings area of your phone or tablet, which may require the fields below after entering your Illinois Email address and AD Password. The Description, like "Exchange", allows you to identify this new account in your Mail app.

  • "User/domain":
  • "Exchange server":

After your Life Sciences email has finished migrating to the "life" folder of your new account, we will contact you and suggest you remove the account from this area, so it no longer shows up in your Mail apps.

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