Office of Information Technology

Accessing Online Journals

There are two ways to access online journals...
  1. One is to access the journal using authentication on UI Library's web site, then it will grant access to articles & abstracts.

    Start by going to: Library Home Page

    Then choose "Electronic Journals' under "Research Tools". From there you'll have to navigate to each journal.

  2. The other is to install a VPN client on your computer. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It basically sets up an encrypted tunnel from your computer to campus, and then all your Internet traffic appears to originate from on-campus.

    There are instructions for setting up the VPN client at: CITES VPN Overview

    Be sure to use the profile named something like "Library access from off campus" to properly access journal sites.

More info available at:
Accessing Journals & Library Resources from Off-Campus

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