"If this works, we'll be swimming in dwarf millipedes." - J. Tooker
"There is no 'we' in buying molasses." - M. Ginzel
"I've been really pounding the mouthparts this semester." - E. Lacey
"Does this one smell like vomit to you?"- M. Ginzel
"Well if a schnitzel is heaven, then call me Jesus!" - E. Kluger
"When I'm feeling a little crazy, I like to sharpen all my pencils." - A. Ray
"Holy cow! NINE! God bless them every one." - J. Ellis
"I like my work how I like my coffee: covered in bees!" - Anonymous applicant for tech job
"I'm gonna try to get another national park under my belt." - E. Lacey
"How am I supposed to know what's real and what's not!" - S. Berlocher
"Can I get 20 bucks of antibiotics so I can start mutating things?" - R. Mitchell
"I am not in love with any particular fixative." - A. Ray
"I can't rely on the physical properties of the Universe anymore" - R. Mitchell
"I want to learn to NOT be foolish." - L. Graham
"I want to be the Prionus hero." - A. Ray
"I need to be saddled." - L. Graham
"But then I say to myself, at least it is SOMETHING.  Is something better than nothing if it might just be wrong?" - A. Ray
"I assumed we'd grab it pre-slabification." - R. Mitchell
"I am not a connoisseur of pork chops." - P. Reagel
"We are not above doing evil." - L. M. Hanks
"I got comfortable with embarrassing myself a long time ago." - L. Meier

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