BY: Rabinowitch and Govindjee



Front Cover


Table of Contents


Chapter 1   Photosynthesis: The Power Plant and the Chemical Factory of Life

Chapter 2   Overall Chemistry of Photosynthesis; Autotrophic and the Heterotrophic ways of life

Chapter 3   Overall Energetics of Photosynthesis

Chapter 4   Solar Energy and its Utilization

Chapter 5   Energetics of Photosynthesis: A Closer Look


Chapter 6   Taking Photosynthesis Apart.

I. The Light and Dark Stage.

Chapter 7   Taking Photosynthesis Apart.

II. Photochemical Activities of Chloroplasts and Chlorophyll Solutions

Chapter 8   Structure and Composition of the Photosynthetic Apparatus

Chapter 9   The Photosynthetic Pigments

Chapter 10  Absorption of Light and Fate of Excitation Energy in Plant Cells 


Chapter 11  Action Spectrum and Quantum Yield of Photosynthesis

Chapter 12  Energy Transfer and Energy Migration in Photosynthesis

Chapter 13  The Two Photochemical Systems; The Red Drop and the Emerson Effect

Chapter 14  Difference Spectroscopy: The Role of the Cytochromes, P700, Plastiquinone and Plastocyanin 

Chapter 15  Fluorescence and The Two Pigment Systems


Chapter 16  Separation of The Two Pigment Systems

Chapter 17  The Enzymatic Paths from Water to Molecular Oxygen and from Carbon Dioxide

            to Carbohydrates

Chapter 18  Photophosphorylation  

Chapter 19  Summary and Outlook