Photo of the Year 2019

We honor here two graduate students in the School of Integrative Biology (SIB), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They are Jessica Lira Viana (for the 2019 Govindjee and Rajni Award) and Rachel Moran (for the 2019 Robert Emerson Award).

Jessica Lira Viana, the 2019 recipient of the Govindjee & Rajni Govindjee award for Excellence in Biological Research (see:, is in Jim Dalling's Lab (Department of Plant Biology, UIUC). She is investigating how chromosome number and genome size in ferns influence species growth performance and distribution along a gradient of phosphorus availability.

Rachel Moran, the 2019 Robert Emerson Memorial Awardee of the School of Integrative Biology, UIUC (see: is in Becky Fuller's Lab (Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology, UIUC); her research uses behavior and genomics to study speciation in fishes. For further details, see her web site at She has just finished her PhD and is now working as a postdoc associate at the University of Minnesota.

Rachel Moran
Photo by Govindjee
Jessica Lira Viana
Photo by Govindjee
Left to right: Jessica; Jim Dalling; and Rachel - in front of the awards after the SIB ceremony
Photo by Govindjee
Left to right: Jessica; Jim Dalling; Rajni Govindjee; and Rachel in front of the SIB awards
Photo by Govindjee
Left to right: Govindjee; Rajni Govindjee; Jessica; and Rachel - in front of Govindjee's 1964 Z-scheme
Photo by Manfredo Seufferheld
Left to right: Manfredo Seufferheld; Govindjee; Jessica; Rachel; and Rajni Govindjee...celebrating the 2019 awards
Photo by Jim Dalling

Date: May 2019

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