Department of Plant Biology, Department of Biochemistry, and

Center of Biophysics and Computational Biology


Volumes 19-25

Volume.19 Chlorophyll a Fluorescence: A Signature of Photosynthesis--Edited by George C. Papageorgiou and Govindjee

Volume.20 Discoveries in Photosynthesis--Edited by Govindjee, J. Thomas Beatty, Howard Gest and John F. Allen

*Volume.21 Photoprotection, Photoinhibition, Gene Regulation and Environment--Edited by Barbara Demmig-Adams,

William Adams III and Autar K. Mattoo

*Volume.22 Photosystem II: The Light-Induced Water:Plastoquinone Oxidoreductase--Edited by Thomas J. Wydrzynski

and Kimiyuki Satoh

Volume.23 Structure and Function of the Plastids--Edited by Robert Wise and J. Kenneth Hoober

Volume.24 Photosystem I: The Light-Induced Plastocyanin:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase--Edited by John H. Golbeck

*Volume.25 Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Functions and Applications-- Edited by

Bernhard Grimm, Robert Porra, Wolfhart Rudiger and Hugo Scheer



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Prepared by Govindjee and Nanguo Yuan

14 February 2006