Directory of Useful Websites of Plant and Allied Sciences


M. Masroor A. Khan & Manzer H. Siddiqui

Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India


Hyungshim Yoo

Department of Plant Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, USA



Date of posting on the Web: March 10, 2008




It is an honor for me to be asked by Dr. Masroor Khan, of the Department of Botany of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, to write a Foreword for the 'Directory of Useful Websites of Plant & Allied Sciences' he has compiled with Manzer H. Siddiqui and Hyungshim Yoo. They deserve my highest praise for this monumental task, as it will greatly help all students and teachers who use it.

We are now living in an electronic age when research papers are being published 'ON LINE' first before hard copies are produced. When I review a research paper, I find almost all relevant papers on the topic of the paper right on the Internet; it makes it so much easier to review research papers. The Directory of websites produced by Dr. Khan and Dr. Siddiqui will provide a wonderful resource to students and teachers alike to find rather quickly (so to say at 'finger clicks' on their computer) knowledge about almost all the aspects of Plant Biology (Botany): classification, structure, and function, and their applications in Agriculture and Biotechnology.

I am fully aware of the time and energy it takes to produce a directory of this nature.I recommend it to all those interested in the study and teaching of Plant Biology.



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Education, Research and Development activities in Modern Biology and Biotechnology are extraordinarily information-dependent fields.The role of Botany and Plant Science are the basis for the development of Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology. Plants are a fundamental part of life on earth. They generate the oxygen, food, fibres, fuel and medicine that allow higher life forms to exist. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide, a significant greenhouse gas, through photosynthesis.Conservationists use botanical knowledge to help manage parks, forests, rangelands, and wilderness areas. Public health and environmental protection professionals depend on their understanding of plant science to help solve pollution problems.As with other life forms in biology, plant life can be studied from different perspectives, from the molecular, genetic and biochemical level through organelles, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, plant populations, and communities. At each of these levels, a botanist might be concerned with the classification (taxonomy), structure (morphology and anatomy) or function (physiology) of plant life.

The Internet is becoming an increasingly dependable source of information throughout the world and represents the biggest global network for information storage and sharing.The large amount of data generated in various forms is served through Internet, which has extraordinarily revolutionized communication and information technologies.It is the most important resource of information that can be accessed and shared by millions of people across the world.

Most of the world's university libraries, art galleries, museums, and syllabi of the courses, lecture notes, protocols, scientific journals and literature and other higher education resources are online.Anyone interested in a specific topic of a particular subject can find thousands of relevant web pages.

With the enormous growth in the number of websites, searching the sites relevant to Plant Science itself has become a major problem due to which one may spend hours in accessing the Internet without obtaining desired information.However, the present directory is a collection of a large number of useful websites related to Botany, Agriculture and allied fields. The directory has been prepared using the keywords alphabetically arranged.There are website titles that have more than one keyword. Additionally, there are two or more keywords for a single term. Therefore; the user should search the websites using different keywords.For example, 'Fungi' should also be checked in 'Mycology' and 'Ascomycetes' etc.Interestingly, some of the websites are not only the treasure of useful information but also contain several other extraordinarily relevant websites.An example of the same is 'Photosynthesis Page by Govindjee'<>.

The user may also go through the directory at leisure, mark out the relevant websites and download them when access to the Internet is available. In this way, the user may save considerable money and time spent on searching and browsing.However, if any of the websites included in this directory does not open, it may be under maintenance, and may be tried later.Sometimes the websites are withdrawn by their launchers.Obviously, in such a situation, the websites will not open at all.We are also planning to launch a website of the directory for the sake of convenience.A CD of the same is under preparation and can be obtained from the authors.

We are thankful to Mr. Mohd. Naeem, Mr. Mohd. Nasir Khan, Ms Minu Singh, Ms Shafia Nasir and Mr M. Idrees for their help in preparing this directory.We are also grateful to Prof Ainul Haque Khan, Chairman and Prof. Firoz Mohammad, Department of Botany, A.M.U. for their encouragement and moral support.Lastly, we wish to acknowledge the patronage of our teacher and mentor, Prof. M.M.R.K. Afridi, retired Head of Department and Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences for his constant help and his inspiration.

We are delighted to have Dr. Hyungshim Yoo (Email- coauthor this Directory.


M. Masroor A. Khan

Department of Botany

Aligarh Muslim University

UP-20 2002, INDIA

Manzer H. Siddiqui

Department of Botany

Aligarh Muslim University

UP-202002, INDIA







1.               Abies:Plant characteristics report for Picea abies:

2.               Abrus precatorius:Common names-rosary pea, crab's eyes:

3.               Abutilon:Common name- grandifolium, Hairy abutilon:

4.               Acacias at the Australian National Botanic Gardens:

5.               Academic Press - APNet Home Page, San Diego, USA:

6.               Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

7.               Access Excellence:

8.               Acta Botanica Sinica:

9.               Adenium 808's Homepage:

10.           Adenium Ailments:

11.           Adenium Picture Page:

12.           Adeniums:

13.           Aflatoxin:A fungus that crowds out its relatives and steals their food and space could prove to be an important ally to farmers battling aflatoxin across Arizona and Texas. (7/28):

14.           Aflatoxins:

15.           Ag Network inf. Centre:

16.           Agave americanaPassiflora - Passion Flowers:

17.           Agiculture chief notes agency's 50th:USDA secretary Ann Veneman celebrates ARS' 50th anniversary by noting the agency's scientific advances and breakthroughs that have improved the daily lives of people. (12/11):

18.           AGRICOLA (US National Agricultural Library's (NAL):

19.           Agricultural Engineering Societies International List:

20.           Agricultural Research

21.           Agricultural Research Centre of Finland:

22.           Agricultural Web

23.           Agriculture (Search any Topic)

24.           Agriculture and Agrifood Canada (AAFC Online):

25.           Agriculture and food: Related sites:

26.           Agriculture: Ag-Links (WWW Sites of Interest to Agriculture):

27.           Agriculture: AgNet - Australian Agriculture:


29.           AgriSurf! (guide to agriculture on the Internet):

30.           Agronet Services:

31.           Agronomy Research & Information Center, University of California:

32.           Alfalfa silage:Research clues from red clover and potato skins could help alfalfa silage--winter feed for many livestock--hang onto more protein.  (12/5):

33.           Alfalfa:A species of alfalfa called falcata thrives on the Northern
Plains--where other U.S.-grown varieties fizzle out.  (10/7)

34.           Algae -Freshwater Algae in Australia:

35.           Algae Home Page of the Department of Botany at the Smithsonian Institution:

36.           Algae- Listserv for phycologists:

37.           Algae, Bryophytes and Fungi:

38.           Algae, Fresh-Water:Australian Freshwater Algae:

39.           Algae: Home of the Fossil Coralline Algae (Corallinaceae: Rhodophyta):

40.           Algae: Information pertaining to algae:

41.           Algae: COST 49 Phycological Directory, Ireland:

42.           Algae: Culture Collections:

43.           Algae: Diatoms Literature Database, USA:

44.           Algae: International Society for Diatom Research:

45.           Algae: Michael R. Martin's Phytoplankton Image Library:

46.           Algae: Paleolimnology & Diatom Home Page, Botany Dept., Indiana University:

47.           Algae: Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton:

48.           Algae: The Harmful Algae Page:

49.           Algae: University of Toronto Culture Collection of Algae and Cyanobacteria (UTCC):

50.           Algae:Catalogue of the Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean:

51.           Algae:Protoplankton & phytoplankton:

52.           Aligarh Muslim University (AMU):

53.           All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS):

54.           Allahabad University (AU):

55.           Allelopathy Research at the University of Savoie, France:

56.           Allergy Internet Resources:

57.           Alpine Field Station of Lautaret (Alpine Biology Research Center of Grenoble University FRANCE):

58.           Alpine Plants Societies by Duncan McAlpine, USA:

59.           Alpine-L, the Electronic Rock Garden Society:

60.           Amaryllis:Hundreds of full-blooming amaryllis are on display in a new exhibit at the ARS-operated U.S. National Arboretum in the nation's capital. (12/12):

61.           American Botanical Council:

62.           American Bryological Lichenological Society:

63.           American Journal of Botany (Europe and Asia):

64.           American Journal of Botany (North America):

65.           American Primrose Society:

66.           American Rose Society:

67.           American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), USA:

68.           American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and the Soil Science :Society of America (SSSA) Web Site:

69.           American Society of Plant Physiologists, USA:

70.           American Society of Plant Taxonomists:

71.           American Society of Plant Taxonomists:

72.           Amorphophallus titanum:

73.           Amorphophallus:

74.           An Introduction to Lichens:

75.           Anatomia Vegetal:

76.           Ancient Bristlecone Pine:

77.           Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG):

78.           Angiosperm Phylogeny Website:

79.           Animal research news:ARS posts the latest edition of its "Healthy Animals" newsletter.(1/30):

80.           Animal research update:The newest issue of ARS' online newsletter Healthy Animals is posted.(12/12):

81.           Anna University, Chennai:

82.           Annals of Botany, UK:

83.           Annual Flower Garden of Seppo Vesterinen, Finland:

84.           Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology:

85.           Annual Review of Ecology and Systematic:

86.           Annual Review of Genetics:

87.           Annual Review of Microbiology:

88.           Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology:

89.           Annual Reviews Inc. :

90.           Annual

91.           Annual Reviews: Biomedical Sciences:

92.           Anthurium Section Pachyneurium (ARACEAE):

93.           Antioxidant:Eggplant contains high levels of chlorogenic acid--an antioxidant that may protect the body's cells against oxidative damage. (1/8):

94.           Antirrhinum majus:

95.           Anti-rust kit:A new kit for detecting species of wheat rust--one of the crop's worst threats worldwide--relies on a form of rapid DNA testing. (6/16):

96.           Aphid and wheat:Previous research may pay off again--in helping wheat growers battle a new biotype of the destructive Russian wheat aphid. (4/8):

97.           Aphid spreading on soybeans:Researchers step up efforts against the first aphid to colonize U.S.soybean plants, which has spread as far west as South Dakota. (8/12):

98.           Applied Biology Leaf Identification, Illinois Schools Flora and Fauna Project, USA:

99.           Applied BotanyInstitute, University of Hamburg, Germany:

100.      Apricot trees sprouting quickly:Growers are jump-starting a new, early-ripening apricot on its way toward consumers' fruit bowls. (3/25):

101.      Apricot:New apricot trees sprouting quickly:Growers are jump-starting a new, early-ripening apricot on its way toward consumers' fruit bowls. (3/25):

102.      Apricot:The tasty apricot filling in your morning coffee cake might someday be made from "Nicole," a new gourmet variety. (8/25)

103.      Aquatic and Invasive Plants, University of Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences:

104.      Aquatic and Wetland Plant Forum:

105.      Aquatic Biology resources on the Internet:

106.      Aquatic Plant Image Library, Michael R. Martin's:

107.      Arabidopsis Book:

108.      Arabidopsis Information Management System (AIMS):

109.      Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR):

110.      Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR):

111.      Arabidopsis thaliana Database, Stanford University, USA:

112.      Arabidopsis thaliana Database:

113.      Arabidopsis: Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC), UK:

114.      Arabidopsis: Yanofsky Lab, University of California, San Diego:

115.      Arboratum: Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

116.      Arboretum - Fullerton Arboretum, California State University, USA:

117.      Arboretum and City Park in Novorossiysk, Russia:

118.      Arboretum at Flagstaff, Arizona, USA:

119.      Arboretum blooms:Springtime visitors to the Nation's Capital have an uncrowded alternative to the traditional venues of the city's world-famous cherry blossoms. (2/26):

120.      Arboretum de Villardebelle, France:

121.      Arboretum Kichberg, Luxembourg:

122.      Arboretum national du Vallon de l'Aubonne (AAVA), Switzerland:

123.      Arboretum Stadt Freiburg (Germany):

124.      Arboretum Voleji Potok, Slovenia (Europe):

125.      Arboretum, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, USA:

126.      Arboretum: John C. Gifford Arboretum, University of Miami - Florida, USA:

127.      Arboretum: Hebert Arboretum, Pittsfield, MA, USA:

128.      Arboretum: Hoersholm Arboretum, Institute of Botany, Dendrology and Forest Genetics, Denmark:

129.      Arboretum: Holden Arboretum, Kirtland, Ohio, USA:

130.      Arboretum: Holmdel Arboretum, Freehold, New Jersey, USA:

131.      Arboretum: Humber College Arboretum, Toronto, Canada:

132.      Arboretum: Blue Ridge Community College, USA:

133.      Arboretum: Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Garden (Waterloo, Iowa, USA):

134.      Arboretum: Connecticut College Arboretum, USA:

135.      Arboretum: Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary, Short Hills, New Jersey, USA:

136.      Arboretum: Cox Arboretum MetroPark, Dayton, Ohio, USA:

137.      Arboretum: Crosby Arboretum, Mississippi State University, USA:

138.      Arboretum: Currency Creek Arboretum, Adelaide, Australia:

139.      Arboretum: D.A. Murphy Panhandle Arboretum, University of Nebraska, USA:

140.      Arboretum: Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens at Marshall Park, Iowa, USA:

141.      Arboretum: Idaho State Arboretum, Pocatello, Idaho, USA:

142.      Arboretum: International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) On-Line:

143.      Arboretum: Kivik-Esperods Arboretet, Sweden:

144.      Arboretum: Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA:

145.      Arboretum: Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, Oregon, USA:

146.      Arboretum: National Arborist Association, USA:

147.      Arboretum: Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, USA:

148.      Arboretum: North Carolina Arboretum, USA

149.      Arboretum: Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University:

150.      Arboretum: Palmerton Arboretum, Roger River, Oregon, USA:

151.      Arboretum: Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, New York (USA):

152.      Arboretum: Polly Hill Arboretum, West Tisbury, Massachusetts, USA:

153.      Arboretum: Rare Books and Artwork at The Holden Arboretum, Kirtland, Ohio, USA:

154.      Arboretum: Sherwood Fox Arboretum, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada:

155.      Arboretum: Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum, Ampfield, UK:

156.      Arboretum: Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, San Francisco, California, USA:

157.      Arboretum: The Bartlett Arboretum (University of Connecticutt, Stamford, USA):

158.      Arboretum: The Dallas Arboretum, Dallas, Texas, USA:

159.      Arboretum: The Dawes Arboretum, Newark, Ohio, USA:

160.      Arboretum: The Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois, USA:

161.      Arboretum: The University of Alabama in Huntsville Grounds and Arboretum (Huntsville, Alabama, USA):

162.      Arboretum: University of California, Santa Cruz Arboretum, USA:

163.      Arboretum: University of Central Florida Arboretum, USA:

164.      Arboretum: University of Guelph:

165.      Arboretum: University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Chanhassen, USA:

166.      Arboretum:American College Arboretum, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA:

167.      Arboretum: The United States National Arboretum:

168.      Arboretum's new exhibit:The U.S. National Arboretum has new exhibit on the highly specialized science of systematics and its impact on society. (7/28):

169.      Arborists Complete Professional Tree Care Service:

170.      Arborists: American Association of Amateur Arborists:

171.      Archive for Bryology:

172.      Arid Land:IALC, The International Arid Lands Consortium:

173.      Arid Zone Studies, University of Wales, Bangor, UK.:

174.      Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium:

175.      Arkansas Native Plant Society, USA:

176.      Arnica (Asteraceae) Type Specimen Database:

177.      Arthritis, diet and exercise:A regime of regular physical activity and a diet rich in nutrients can help people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. (7/16):

178.      Asa Gray Society, University of Michigan, USA:

179.      Ascomycete Research group, Oslo, Norway (ARON):

180.      Asian Freshwater Fungi:

181.      Aspirin and potato:Salicylic acid could help boost potato plants' sluggish defenses against pests and disease. (12/2):

182.      Assam Administrative Staff College (AASC):

183.      Association of State Training Institutions in India (ASTI):

184.      Astrobiology Web:

185.      Atropa belladona (deadly nightshade):

186.      Australian Journal of Botany:

187.      Australian Journal of Plant Physiology - An international journal of plant function:

188.      Australian National University Bioinformatics Hypermedia Service:

189.      Australian Society of Plant Physiologists:

190.      Australian Systematic Botany Society:

191.      Australian Systematic Botany:

192.      Azalea Society of America:

193.      Azaleas: Henning's Rhododendron and Azaleas Page:

194.      Azolla Page:


195.      B12 estimation:A new method has been developed for measuring vitamin B12 in foods anddietary supplements. (9/16):

196.      Bacteria for bugs:A new biological control may provide an important defense against several destructive insects. (12/24):

197.      Bacteria:New bacteria genus:A newly discovered genus of bacteria could aid scientists' search for ways to "deodorize" swine manure. (5/25):

198.      Bacterial Names (List) with Standing in Nomenclature:

199.      Bamboo Bibliographie of Jean Dupin, UK:

200.      Bamboo Garden at Foothill College, USA:

201.      Bamboo Society of Australia:

202.      Bamboo Society, Association Europeenne du Bambou:

203.      Bamboo:

204.      Bamboo:Stinger's Bamboo Links:

205.      Bamboo:The American Bamboo Society, USA:

206.      Bamboo: American Bamboo Society:

207.      Banaras Hindu University (BHU):

208.      Banglore University:

209.      Banking weed seeds:A "lending library" of weeds helps researchers pursue new ways for farmers to cope with the pests. (8/4):

210.      Bean Bag (WWW version from RBG Kew):

211.      Bean Bag from RBG Kew:

212.      Bean Bag Newsletter (Leguminosae/Fabaceae):

213.      Bean Evolution and Genetics, UC Davis, California, USA:

214.      Bean Project:

215.      Bean:A high-yielding line of pinto bean has unique resistance to pathogenic fungi that reside in soil. (10/21):

216.      BeanRef :

217.      Beet future sweet:Scientists are well their way to developing sugar beets with better vigor, sugar content, disease resistance and other traits. (4/12):

218.      Beet generation:A "new guard" of geneticists leads a genetic revolution in the sugarbeet industry. (4/1):

219.      Beetle:A foreign flea beetle could have potential for controlling skunk vine,a weedy vine that has invaded parts of the U.S. (10/8):

220.      Beetle:The first beetle--and first agricultural pest--to have is genes entirely sequenced will be the red flour beetle. (11/13):

221.      Bellevue Botanical Garden, Washington, USA:

222.      Berry bluebird:ARS received an early holiday present this week--a whimsical sculpture honoring ARS berry breeding in Beltsville, Md. (12/3):

223.      Berry Botanic Garde (Portland, Oregon, USA):

224.      Berry good news:Growers have started putting in orders for new blackberry cultivarsbred by ARS scientists. (10/2):

225.      Biblical Garden at Fair Haven, Vermont, USA:

226.      Bignoniaceae, Key to the family:

227.      Bignoniaceae: Alwyn H. Gentry Dataset:

228.      BioBlast CD ofNASA:

229.      BioBox, Finland (server for molecular biology): Biochemistry Chemistry of a specific process or art of living organisms:

230.      Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology (The World-Wide Web Virtual Library):

231.      BIOCISE, Biological Collection Information Service in Europe:

232.      BIOCISE, Biological Collections Identification Service for Europe:

233.      Biocontrol using bacteria:A gene-fingerprinting method may point the way to new strains of helpful bacteria that can naturally control the world's worst pest of soybeans. (3/5):

234.      Biocontrol:Enigma of the dying weed-eaters:Scientists unmask the mystery microbe responsible for killing good-guy weevils that help control water hyacinth. (4/16):

235.      Biocontrol:New insect research to help troops:ARS will seek new ways to protect U.S. armed forces from insect-borne disease--historically a greater cause than combat for taking troops out
of action. (4/23):

236.      Biocontrol:The Hessian fly's own saliva provides tantalizing genetic clues that could  lead to a new strategy for controlling this destructive pest of wheat. (10/17):

237.      Biocontrol:U.S. helps Scotland control ticks:Tactics developed by ARS are helping Scotland fight ticks that plague the Scottish red grouse. (4/22):

238.      Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada:

239.      Biodiversity and Conservation:

240.      Biodiversity and Conservation:

241.      Biodiversity and WORLDMAP (Natural History Museum, London):

242.      Biodiversity Conservation Information System:

243.      Biodiversity Data and the World Wide Web Prospects and Problems:

244.      Biodiversity Database Manager, BIOTA:

245.      Biodiversity Hotspots, Conservation International:

246.      Biodiversity in Boreal Forests:

247.      Biodiversity in Mexico:

248.      Biodiversity Information Managemenet System in Costa Rica:

249.      Biodiversity Information System (China):

250.      Biodiversity Information System (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS), P. R. China:

251.      Biodiversity Information System, Israel:

252.      Biodiversity Initiative, Nevada:

253.      Biodiversity Network:

254.      Biodiversity of the Australian Flora:

255.      Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains Region, PR China:

256.      Biodiversity of the Kuril Archipelago:

257.      Biodiversity on the Web, UK:

258.      Biodiversity Profile for Vietnam at WCMC:

259.      Biodiversity Research Home Page (Finland):

260.      Biodiversity resources in Belgium:

261.      Biodiversity: Illinois Natural History Survey: Center for Biodiversity (USA):

262.      Biodiversity: Costa Rica's National Biodiversity Institute Herbarium:

263.      Biodiversity: ECNC PROJECT: Methodology for an Assessment of Europe's Biodiversity:

264.      Biodiversity: Madagascar Biodiversity and Conservation,:

265.      Biodiversity: National Biodiversity Network, UK:

266.      Biodiversity: Specify Software Project - Biodiversity Collections Management:

267.      Biodiversity: The Neotropical Botany Pages: A Cooperative Information Center for Digital Documentation of Neotropical Plant Diversity:

268.      Biodiversity: WCMC - National Biodiversity Profiles:

269.      Biodiversity: World Biodiversity Database:

270.      BioImages - Virtual Field Guide, UK:

271.      Bioinformatics Institute, European:

272.      Biological Collection Access Service for Europe (BioCASE):

273.      Biological Control Home Page, Cornell University, USA:

274.      Biological data: TDWG Subgroup on Accession Data: Standards, Information Models, and Data Dictionaries for Biological Collections:

275.      Biological Diversity of the Guianas (BDG):

276.      Biological Information Browsing Environment (BIBE):

277.      Biological Resources:Australian Biological Resources Study, ABRS:

278.      Biological, Agricultural & Medical Sciences INFOMINE Search:

279.      Biologists Addresses:

280.      Biology (anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, botany, cell biology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biology, structural biology, and zoology):

281.      Biology Data: IUBio Archive: biology data and software (Indiana University, USA):

282.      Biology Department of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Canada:

283.      Biology Department, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA:

284.      Biology Project:

285.      Biomass: BIOPAK -- Software for Computing Plant Biomass:

286.      BIOME:

287.      Biometeorology:International Society of Biometeorology:

288.      Biometry: International Biometric Society, Eastern North American Region (ENAR):

289. Newsgroup Archive:

290.      Biophotonics: a technology that uses light to mark molecular changes, is being tried as a tool for detecting salmonella infections in swine.(11/18):

291.      BIOSCI bionet Newsgroup Archives:

292.      BIOSIS:

293.      Biosphere Reserves in Australia (Parks, Reserves, Botanical Gardens:

294.      BioSystematica, software for electrophoretic analysis, UK:

295.      Biota of North American Program:

296.      Biotechnology and Space:By Professor M.A. and Nandini Pai (of the University of Illinois at Urbana).

297.      Biotechnology:Fungus + fiber = lycopene:A fungus may hold the key to a way to manufacture carotenoids from corn fiber and other leftovers from ethanol production. (3/29):

298.      Biotechnology:

299.      Biotechnology: National Center for Biotechnology Information (NDBI), USA:

300.      Biotechnology: National Center for Biotechnology Information Databases:

301.      Biotechnology:Clay + cotton = new textile:Clay and cotton combine to produce a brand-new textile material that offers increased heat tolerance and toughness. (4/6):

302.      Biotechnology:Feathers for fibers:ARS technology for turning chicken feathers into industrial fiber received an award at the "World's Best Technologies 2004" conference.(5/27):

303.      Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, India:

304.      Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany:

305.      Bishop Museum - Hawaiian Flowering Plant Checklist Database:

306.      Blackwell Science Home Page, UK:

307.      Bloom River On-line Nursery:

308.      Blooming of the Titan Arum:

309.      Blue mold:ARS seeks an industry partner interested in mass-producing the agency's patented natural control for blue mold--the of Decay of stored apples (major cause) (8/8):

310.      Blyttia - the journal of the Norwegian Botanical Society (NBF):

311.      Burma Institute International Floral Design School Holland:

312.      Bogs:Flynn Bogs System, Texas:

313.      Bonsai Clubs International:

314.      Bonsai Primer, UK:

315.      Bonsai Web:

316.      Books:Backhuys Publishers - antiquarian and new books on general botany:

317.      Books:Balogh Scientific Books:

318.      Bose Institute, Kolkata:

319.      Botanic Garden at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark:

320.      Botanic Garden of Smith College and Lyman Plant House, Northampton, MA, USA:

321.      Botanic Garden of the Irkutsk State University, Russia:

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721.      Corn:A novel research approach will compare differences in genetic diversity among wild maize, maize grown by Native Americans, and modern corn strains. (10/22):

722.      Corn's "neighborhood watch":For the first time, scientists prove that corn plants under attack by insects use chemical signals to stimulate early defense responses in neighboring plants. (3/26):

723.      Cotton bales:Replacing damaged ties on cotton bales is now simpler, and should reduce the chance that bales are rejected by mill customers--at a cost of about $8 to $36 million a year. (2/25):

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726.      Cotton gins:A new device for cotton gins cuts one source of noise by 80 percent, thus improving worker comfort and safety. (10/16):

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Scientists are collecting new data on the makeup of dust in feedlots to aid efforts to protect air quality. (9/15):

921.      Dwarf trees, sooner:Scientists may have reduced the time for knowing whether an apple tree will grow to be a dwarf and resist diseases. (11/4):


922.      E. coli tests(New)coming:New tests being developed will more quickly identify dangerous strains of E. coli bacteria. (12/31):

923.      E. coli vaccine for cattle:Researchers are pinpointing where microbes called enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157:H7 lurk in calves, as part of en effort to develop an oral vaccine for cattle. (8/4):

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955.      Egg safety:Properly stored chicken eggs can be safely maintained beyond the sell-by date. (6/2):

956.      Eggplant scores high on antioxidant:Eggplant contains high levels of chlorogenic acid--an antioxidant that may protect the body's cells against oxidative damage. (1/8):

957.      Electronic rock and flow control:Concrete "pebbles" fitted with electronics can help scientists estimate how much rock and sediment gets swept into reservoirs by heavy streamflows that follow intense thunderstorms. (10/30):

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986.      Erodible land:No-till crops like wheat and peas can be grown without undue erosion on land that has been rested in grass under USDA's Conservation Reserve Program. (1/27):

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1021.  Evolution:

1022.  Exotic fruit quality:A new procedure for preparing Hawaiian lychees and logans for shipment to the mainland U.S. doesn't harm the fruits' delightful texture and flavor. (5/4):

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1029.  Farming near the Everglades:To aid Everglades restoration, scientists are developing new computer models to improve water management on farms. (8/21):

1030.  Farming without harming:One of ARS' largest research facilities has reduced pesticide use by 75percent by applying sustainable-ag research technology. (10/6):

1031.  Fast food--and calories--on the rise:Every day, about one-fourth of U.S. adults eat fast food and drink twice as many sugary soft drinks as those who don't eat fast food. (5/21):

1032.  Fast-food nutritional slowdown:A new study confirms kids' lower nutrient status on days when they consume fast food. (1/5):

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1035.  Fern:Small mite means big trouble for fern:A tiny mite that keeps Old World climbing fern under control in Australia could do the same against the weed in Florida. (7/7):

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1037.  Ferns of the Canberra Region (David and Christopher Nicholls, Australia):

1038.  Fertilizer:friend or foe?:Some fertilizers inhibit helpful root-dwelling fungi that help plants use water and nutrients while suppressing diseases. (5/6):

1039.  Fertilizer:Grain crop farmers who need to know how much nitrogen fertilizer to apply could save money--and protect the environment--by using an application method studied by ARS and cooperators. (6/29):

1040.  Fertilizing:A new sensing system scans corn plants across an entire field, allowing farmers to apply fertilizer where it's needed most. (12/15):

1041.  Filmy Ferns of South India:

1042.  Find a Story that ran in AR

1043.  Fire Effects Information System, FEIS:

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1045.  Flood irrigation:ARS research aims at forecasting ecological impacts of resuming flood irrigation on 2,000 acres of tribal land in Oregon. (11/5):

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1122.  Flore de France:

1123.  Floriculture:Pinch of saltwater might not harm flowers:
California flower growers may get relief, thanks to scientists who are finding that some ornamental flowers can indeed flourish with water previously thought to be too salty. (8/2):

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1133.  Floristic Resources Online:

1134.  Flower Delivery Flowers:

1135.  Flower Images by L. R. Fortney, Durham, NC, USA:

1136.  Flower pigment helps corn:Protecting corn crops with "flower power" is one of about 20 ARS presentations this week at the Phytochemical Society of North America's annual meeting. (8/11):

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1138.  Flowering Plant Families:

1139.  Flowering Plant Family Identification Key:

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1142.  Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru:

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1144.  Flowers of the Madonna by Harold N.Moldenke, Co-author of Plants of the Bible:

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1146.  Folate and Depression:Evidence mounts that there's a connection between depression and low blood levels of the B vitamin folate. (4/7):

1147.  Foliage-Vermont, USA:

1148.  Food & Nutrition Research Briefs:

1149.  Food & nutrition update:ARS posts the newest issue of its digest of food and nutrition research news. (7/30):

1150.  Food & nutrition update:The latest issue of ARS' quarterly Food & Nutrition Research Briefs is available. (2/2):

1151.  Food & nutrition:ARS expertise in an emerging technique for naturally fortifying six staple food crops will be a central part of a program launched to tackle malnutrition in developing countries. (10/31):

1152.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:

1153.  Food and nutrition update:A new edition of Food and Nutrition Research Briefs is available.(10/31):

1154.  Food and nutrition update:ARS posts the latest issue of its quarterly digest of nutrition news.(5/17):

1155.  Food safety:More help on food safety could come from the world's largest online database on how food pathogens behave in response to environmental conditions. (2/9):

1156.  Food safety:USDA announces a unified agenda for food safety research. (11/19):

1157.  Food supply and safety:Many advances in food supply and safety have resulted from ARS' 50 years as the chief scientific research agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (11/10):

1158.  Food Surveys

1159.  Forage Grasses of the Colorado Plateau Cold Desert, USA:

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1161.  Foraging With the Wildman, wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms:

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1187.  Formidable Persuasion by Henry Loconte, a review of contemporary use of cladistics in plant systematics:

1188.  Formosan

1189.  Fossil and Modern Pollen Data:

1190.  Fossils:Louisiana Fossil Page by Paul V. Heinrich, USA:

1191.  Fossils:Mazon Creek Plant Fossils, Illinois, USA:

1192.  Freedom of Information of Act

1193.  Freshwater Ascomycetes and their Anamorphs:

1194.  Fruit Explorers (NAFEX):

1195.  Fruit Explorers Fig Interest Group Page:

1196.  Fruit flies:A new lure could increase the capture of Anastrepha fruit flies that attack many citrus and other crops in the Americas. (8/22):

1197.  Fruit fly battle:Scientists in Hawaii are leading the first successful effort to deal with exotic fruit flies that have long devastated the state's farms and gardens. (2/6):

1198.  Fruit fly fest:New goals and approaches for controlling fruit flies are a focus for scientific experts from more than 20 nations gathering next week in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (5/14):

1199.  Fruit Key, CSUBIOWEB:

1200.  Fruit mold:A potent substance in cayenne peppers might someday help growers battle molds that attack strawberry, blueberry and grape crops.  (8/29):

1201.  Fruits and Vegetables Market Prices by Today's Market:

1202.  Fruits:Global fruit bank:Exotic peaches and plums from around the globe are safeguarded in a living treasury of these fruits. (4/26):

1203.  Fruits: Historic Fruit Images: The Small Fruits of New York:

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1205.  Fungal Genetics Stock Center:

1206.  Fungal Organism Extensive

1207.  Fungi- Forest Mycology Team, USDA Forest Service:

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1209.  Fungi Images on the Net:

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1234.  Fungi: Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory, Agriculture Research Service, USDA:

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1236.  Fungi:A new method detects the fungal cause of a major sugar beet disease even in plants that lack disease symptoms. (12/22):

1237.  Fungi:Building mold:When looking for toxic molds in buildings, environmental engineers generally test only for Stachybotrys fungi, but new findings suggest another possible source--fungi of the genus Myrothecium:

1238.  Fungi: 80,000 Strains of Actinomycetes, Yeast & bacteria:

1239.  Fungus + fiber = lycopene:A fungus may hold the key to a way to manufacture carotenoids from corn fiber and other leftovers from ethanol production. (3/29):

1240.  Fungus against bad bugs:A new fermentation tactic could overcome hurdles to commercializing a promising fungus that kills insect pests. (8/5):

1241.  Fungus Collections and Inf:

1242.  Future of agriculture:ARS looks to the future while marking its 50th anniversary as the USDA's chief scientific research agency. (11/3):


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1309.  GardensOnLine Australia:

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1311.  GardenWeb:

1312.  Gene Bank (NGB), Sweden:

1313.  Genebank birthday:The first genebank solely for flowers is celebrating its second birthday this month and is taking its place among the 25 functional genebanks of the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System. (7/23):

1314.  Genera of the Rubiaceae - database of Elmar Robbrecht, Belgium:

1315.  Generic Tree Flora of Madagascar:

1316.  Genes for better bees:Breeding a better honey bee is the goal of scientists using recently created genomic data to speed the search for disease resistance and other traits. (2/3):

1317.  Genes of tomato microbe being unmasked:Researchers have preliminary findings about roles of the 5,500-plus  genesin a microbe that infects tomato plants--and whose close relatives infect many other crops. (8/18):

1318.  Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing - Common Policy Guidelines:

1319.  Genetic resources in agriculture:

1320.  Genetics and Tree Breeding (The World-Wide Web Virtual Library):

1321.  Genetics key to grape microbe:ARS and university scientists are hunting for genes that enable grapevines to fight a devastating microbe. (11/28):

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1323.  Genetics:Bibliography of Genetic Variation in Natural Population:

1324.  Genome: Harvard Biological Laboratories Genome Research, USA:

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1334.  Geranium: International Geranium Society:

1335.  Geranium: The International Geranium Society:

1336.  Gesneriad Descriptions:

1337.  Gesneriad Reference Web:

1338.  Getting Brucella's goat:Researchers develop a test for detecting in bulk goat milk the pathogen Brucella melitensis, which can harm people and animals. (3/24):

1339.  Giant Hogweed: Noxious Weed Identification:

1340.  Giant Kelp - Macrocystis pyrifera:

1341.  Giant Pumpkins:

1342.  Ginkgo biloba (Ohio State), USA:

1343.  Ginkgo biloba: all aspects:

1344.  Ginkgoales, Introduction:

1345.  Giving fish a breather:An new device makes supplemental oxygen available to farm-raised catfish when they most need it. (8/7):

1346.  Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF):

1347.  Global Garden, Internet Gardening Magazine:

1348.  Global Gazetteer:

1349.  Global Herbarium Portal:

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1351.  Global Pollen Database (GPD):

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