Govindjee's Collaborators(*=Deceased)

A. Professors/Mentors:

*1.Ranjan, Shri, University of Allahabad
*2. Emerson, Robert, University of Illinois
*3. Rabinowitch, Eugene, University of Illinois
*4. Thomas, Jan B., University of Illinois
*5. French, C.S., Carnegie Institution
*6. Kok, Bessel, Martin Marietta Labs.

B. Graduate students (alphabetical listing):

1.Bakri, Maarib Darwish Lufti (now Maarib Bazzaz)
2. Bedell, Glenn
3. Blubaugh, Danny
4.Cao, Jiancheng
5. Cederstrand, Carl N.(formally with Eugene Rabinowitch)
6. Cho, Fredrick Y.
7. Chollet, Raymond (was a student with Dominick Paolillo and later William Ogren)
8. Chylla, Roger (was a student of John Whitmarsh; Govindjee was only a formal advisor)
9. Coleman, William
10. Eaton-Rye,J.J.S.
11. El-Shintinawy, Fatima (submitted PhD in Egypt under another Professor)
12. Fenton, James
13.Jursinic, Paul
14. Khanna, Rita (now Rita Bhattacharya)
15. Mar, Ted
16. Krey, Anne, M.S.
17. Mohanty, Prasanna
18. Munday, John C.
19. Papageorgiou, George
20. Shim Hyunsuk (co-advisor: Peter Debrunner)
21. Spilotro, Paul, M.S.
22. Stemler, Alan
23. VanDerMeulen, David
24. Vermaas, Wim (submitted PhD in Holland under Jack Van Rensen)
25.Wong, Daniel
26. Wydrzynski, Thomas J.
27. Xu, Chun-He
28. Yang, Louisa, M.S.
29. Zilinskas, Barbara

C. #Post-Doctoral Associates/ Visiting scientists/Profs. who worked in my Lab.

#1.Breen, Pat (from USA, currently in USA)
#2.Briantais, Jean-Marie (from France, now in France)
#3.Critchley, Christa (from Germany, now in Australia)
#4. Das, Mrinmoyee( from India, jointly with Eugene Rabinowitch, now in India)
5. Gasanov, Ralph(from Azerbaijan, now in Azerbaijan)
#6.Ghosh, Ashok K (from India, jointly with Eugene Rabinowitch, now in India)
#7. Gilmore, Adam (from USA, now in Australia)
8. Gross, Elizabeth (Professor:from Ohio State University)
#9. Kambara, T.(from Japan, now in Japan)
#10. Kumar, Ashok (from India, now in India)
11. Malkin, Shmuel (Professor: from Israel)
12. Moya, Ismael (from France, now in France)
#13. Sarojini, G. (from India, now in USA)
14. Shimony, Carmela (from Israel)
15. Vacek, Karel (Professor: from Czechoslovakia)
#16. Van Rensen, Jack J.S. (Professor: from the Netherlands)

D. Other co-authors (arranged alphabetically, not numbered)

Abilov, Z.K. (with R. Gasanov): Azerbaijan
Alkazaki-Zorba, A.:(with G. Papageorgiou): Greece
Armond, Paul S.: Then at the Carnegie Institute of Washington, CIW, Stanford
Arnold, William: Oak-Ridge, Tennessee
Aro, Eva-Mari: Finland
Astier, Chantal: France
Auger, Julie: Then at the Flow Cytometry Center, UIUC
Babcock, Gerald T.:Then with Ken Sauer (UC, Berkeley)
Bharti, S.: Indore, India
Bianu, Ian (with H.S. Gutowsky): Chemistry,UIUC
Bjorkmann, Olle:(CIW, Stanford)
Blair, L.C:(with J. Widholm): Agronomy/Crop Sciences,UIUC
Bose, Salil:(with C.J. Arntzen)
Boyer, J.S. : UIUC
Crofts, A.R.: UIUC
de Klerk, Hank:(with Martin Kamen): France
de Vos, Oscar: (with Jack van Rensen): Holland
Debrunner, Peter, UIUC
Demeter, S.: Hungary
Desai, T.S.:(with V.G. Tatake): Mumbai, India
DeVault, Don:Deceased
Doering, Guenter:(with H.T. Witt): Germany
Downton, W.J.S.: (Then at CIW, Stanford)
Ducruet, J-M.: (France)
Duysens, L.N.M.:(Holland)
Eggenberg, Peter: (with Reto Strasser): Switzerland
Etienne, A-L.: France
Finkele, U. (with W. Zinth): Germany
Fork, David C.: CIW, Stanford
Freyssinet, G.(with C.A. Rebeiz): Horticulture, UIUC
Garab, Gyozo: Hungary
Gazanchyan,X. (?) (with R. Gasanov): Azerbaijan
Goldstein, C.(with Jack Widholm)
Govindjee, Rajni (formerly Rajni Varma):( first with Shri Ranjan, and then with Robert Emerson, Eugene Rabinowitch, Jan B. Thomas and Chris Sybesma)
Grantz, David: (with J.S. Boyer)
Gratton, Enrico: UIUC
Greenfield, Scott:(with Mike Wasielewski): Argonne Lab.
Gutowsky, Herbert S: Chemistry,UIUC
Halls, Steve: UIUC
Hammond, J.H: (with H. Merkelo): Electrical Engineering,UIUC
Hartman, S.R.: (with H. Merkelo) Electrical Engineering,UIUC
Hazlett, T.L. (with Lab. Of Fluorescence Dynamics, LFD,UIUC)
Hendrickson, D.N.: Then in Chemistry, UIUC
Hirschberg, Joseph: Israel
Hoch, George: Martin Marietta Labs, Baltimore
Hoff, Arnold: The Netherlands
Homann, Peter:(co-author of a review): Florida
Hou, C.: (with C. Xu): China
Hutchison, Ron:(with R. Sayre): Ohio State University
Ichimura, Shoji: (with Eugene Rabinowitch)
Inoue, Y.: Japan
Jajoo, Anjana: (with S. Bharti): Indore, India
Johnson, D.G.:(with M. Wasielewski): Argonne Lab.
Jordan, Doug : (with W.Ogren): Agronomy/Crop Sciences, UIUC
Junge, W.: Germany
Kamen, Martin: then Visiting France
Kaufmann, Ken: Chemistry,UIUC
Kereseztes, A.: (with C.J. Arntzen): From Hungary
Kernen, M.: (with E. Tyystjarvi and Eva-Mari Aro): Finland
Kirilovsky, Diana:(with A-L. Etienne): France
Koike, H.: (with Y. Inoue)
Kramer, David M.: (Then with A.R. Crofts)
Kurbonova, U.M.:(with R. Gasanov): Azerbaijan
Laloraya, M.M., currently at Indore, India
Lauterwasse, C.: (with W. Zinth): Germany
Lavorel, Jean: France
Li, K.B.: (with C.Xu): China
Li, R.: (with C. Xu): China
Maenepaa, P.:(with Eva-Mari Aro): Finland
Markeley, J.L.:Purdue
Marks, S. (with H.S. Guowsky): Chemistry,UIUC
Maroti, Peter: (with Colin Wraight)
Mathis, Paul: France
McCain, D.C.: Alabama
Merkelo, Henri: Electrical Engineering,UIUC
Mimuro, M.: Japan
Minagawa, Jun: Japan
Miranda, T.:(with J-M. Ducruet): France
Mulo, Paula: (with Eva-Mari Aro): Finland
Murata, N.:Japan
Murty, Neti: (with Eugene Rabinowitch)
Naber, D. (with JJ.J.S. van Rensen): Holland
Nakatani, H.Y.: Philip Morris
Oesterhelt, Dieter: Germany
Ogawa, T.: Visiting from Japan
Ogren, William: Agronomy/Crop Sciences,UIUC
Ohad, N.:(with J. Hirschberg): Israel
O'Neil, M.P.: (with M. Seibert): Colorado
Ort, Don: (chapter in a book):USDA
Owens, Olga v. H.: (with George Hoch and Bessel Kok): Martin Marietta, Baltimore
Padhye, S : (with D.N. Hendrickson): Chemistry, then at UIUC
Patil, Saya:Visitor from India
Pellin, M.J.: (with K. Kaufmann)
Petri, M.: France
Pfister, Klaus : Switzerland
Preston, C. :(with M. Seibert)
Prezlin, Barbara : California
Pulles, M.P.J.:(with LNM Duysens/ van Gorkom))
Rajan, S.:(with H.S. Gutowsky)
Rajarao, Tadimeti: Bangalore, India
Rebeiz, C.A., UIUC
Robinson, Howie: (with A.R. Crofts)
Rochaix, Jean-David: Switzerland
Roffey, Robin:(with R.T. Sayre)
Rogers, S.M.D.: (with J. Widholm)
Romijn, J.C.: (with A.J. Hoff)
Roy, G.: (Ted Mar worked with him)
Royer, Cathy: (with Lab. Of Fluorescence Dynamics, UIUC)
Rozsa, Zs.: (with G. Garab)
Rutherford, William: France (then visiting Japan)
Sane, P.V.: India
Saphon, S.: Then in France
Sarojini, G.: India
Satoh, Kazuhiko: Japan
Sayre, Richard:OSU, Ohio
Schanskar, G.: (with J.J.S. van Rensen)
Schmidt, Paul G: Chemistry,UIUC
Schwarz, Beatrice: (with Reto Strasser)
Seibert, Mike:Colorado
Selig, T.C.: (with D.C. McCain)
Shen, Y.: Shanghai, China
Shinkarev, Vladimir (with Colin Wraight)
Shopes, R. (with Colin Wraight)
Siggel, Uli: (with H.T. Witt/ G. Renger)
Singhal, Gauri S.: (with Eugene Rabinowitch)
Smith, W.R.: (with Chris Sybesma)
Snel, Jan: The Netherland
Song, H-Y.:(with C. Xu)
Spalding, M.H.(with William Ogren)
Spencer, Jobie: UIUC
Srivastava, Alaka: (with Reto Strasser)
Stacy, W.T.:(in Physics, at UIUC)
Stamatakis, K.: (with G. Papageorgiou)
Steinbeck, K.E.:(with C.J. Arntzen)
Stilz, H.U.: (with W.Zinth/D. Oesterhelt)
Stirbet, Alexandra: (with Reto Strasser)
Strasser, Bruno: (with Reto Strasser)
Strasser, Reto J.: Geneva, Switzerland
Subramaniam, Shankar: now at UC at San Diego
Sweeney, B.M.: Deceased
Swenbergy, Charles: Then In Physics at UIUC
Szalay, Laszlo , Deceased
Taoka, Shin: (with A.R. Crofts)
Tatake, V.G.: India
Thornber, Phil*: Deceased
Toeroek, M.: (with L. Szalay)
Toon, S.: (with M. Seibert)
Turpin, D.H.: Canada
Tyystjarvi, Esa: (with Eva-Mari Aro)
Van de Ven, Martin: (with Lab. Of Fluorescence Dynamics)
Van Gorkom, Hans J.:The Netherlands
Vass, Imre: Hungary
Vernotte, Claudie: France
Wagner, R.: (with W. Junge)
Wang, Xu-tong: (with Colin Wraight)
Warden, Joseph: Troy
Wasielewski, M.R.: Argonne
Weger,H.G.: (with Dave Turpin)
Whitmarsh, John : (chapters in books),UIUC
Widholm, Jack: UIUC
Wiederrecht, Gary: (with M. Wasielewski)
Wraight, Colin:UIUC
Younis, H.M.: (with J.S. Boyer)
Yu, Y. :(with C. Xu)
Zheng, X-H.: (with C. Xu)
Zhu, Y.:China
Zinth, W.: (Germany)
Zumbulyadis, N. (with H.S. Gutowsky)

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