Celebrating the Millennium:

Historical Highlights of Photosynthesis Research, Part 1



Celebrating the millennium historical highlights of photosynthesis research Govindjee, H. Gest

History of the word photosynthesis and evolution of its definition H. Gest

A list of personal perspectives with selected quotations, along with lists of tributes, historical notes, Nobel and Kettering awards related to photosynthesis Govindjee, D. W. Krogmann

In one era and out the other J. Myers

Following the path of carbon in photosynthesis: a personal story A. A. Benson

'And whose bright presence'-an appreciation of Robert Hill and his reaction D. A. Walker

The early history of the genetics of photosynthetic bacteria: a personal account B. A. Marrs

Prochlorophyta - a matter of class distinctions R. A. Lewin


Anoxygenic Photosynthesis

Research on photosynthetic reaction centers from 1932 to 1987 R. K. Clayton

Excitation energy trapping in anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria J. Amesz, S. Neerken

The two-electron gate in photosynthetic bacteria A. Vermeglio

Membrane biogenesis in anoxygenic photosynthetic prokaryotes G. Drews, R. A. Niederman

Photosynthesis genes and their expression in Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1: a tribute to my students and associates S. Kaplan

Photosynthesis genes and evolution of the aerobic phototrophic bacteria J. T. Beatty

Nitrogen fixation by photosynthetic bacteria P. W. Ludden, G. P. Roberts


Oxygenic Photosynthesis

Excitation Energy Transfer

Photosynthetic exciton theory in the 1960s R. M. Pearlstein

Fluorescence lifetime, yield, energy transfer and spectrum in photosynthesis, 1950-1960 S. S. Brody

Visualization of excitation energy transfer processes in plants and algae M. Mimuro

Plastoquinone redox control of chloroplast hylakoid protein phosphorylation and distribution of excitation energy between photosystems: discovery, background, implications J. Allen


Chlorophyll, Protein Complexes and Electron Transfer

The chequered history of the development and use of simultaneous equations for the accurate determination of chlorophylls a and b R. J. Porra

Changing concepts about the distribution of Photosystems I and II between grana-appressed and stroma-exposed thylakoid membranes J. M. Anderson

Period four oscillations in chlorophyll a fluorescence R. Delosme, P. Joliot

Chloride and calcium in Photosystem II: from effects to enigma P. H. Homann

The bicarbonate effect, oxygen evolution, and the shadow of Otto Warbug A. J. Stemler

Role of biocarbonate at the acceptor side of Photosystem II J. J. S. van Rensen

Photosystem I reaction center: past and future N. Nelson, A. Ben-Shem

P430: a retrospective, 1971 -2001 B. Ke

The ferredoxin/thioredoxin system: from discovery to molecular structures and beyond B.B. Buchanan, P. Schurmann R. A. Wolosiuk, J. -P. Jacquot

Irrungen, Wirrungen? The Mehler reaction in relation to cyclic electron transport in C3 plants U. Heber


Photophosphrylation, Carbon Fixation, Transport and Chlororespiration

Photophosphorylation and the chemiosmotic perspective A. T. Jagendorf

Along the trail from Fraction I protien to Rubisco (ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase) S .G. Wildman

C4 photosynthesis: discovery and resolution M. D. Hatch

The discovery of Rubisco activase - yet another story of serendipity A. R. Portis Jr, M. E. Salvucci

Three decades in transport business: studies of metabolite transport in chloroplasts - a personal perspective H.-W. Heldt

The personal model for chlororespiration P. Bennon

Molecular Genetics

Gene-targeted and site-directed mutagenesis f photosynthesis genes in cyanobacteria S. V. Shestakov

The three genomes of Chlamydomonas J.-D. Rochaix


Photosynthesis Laboratories

The laboratory of Photosynthesis and its successors at Gif-sur-Yvette, France Y. de Kouchkovsky