Enzyme Function Initiative (EFI) Turns Two!

John is leading a multi-institutional team of investigators who now have received a "Glue Grant" from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) at NIH. The EFI will develop a strategy for discovering the functions of unknown enzymes discovered in genome projects. The ability to identify their functions will provide new drug targets and provide novel catalysts for industry. The EFI will receive $33.9 million in total costs for the five year project.

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John wins the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award

September 03, 2009 Gutgsell Endowed Professor of Biochemistry John Gerlt has been selected by the American Chemical Society as an ACS 2010 Award Winner. Dr. Gerlt was one of ten national candidates to receive an Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award sponsored by the Arthur C. Cope Fund. Read more at ACS.

Establishment & Support: The Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards were established in 1984 by the ACS Board of Directors, on recommendation of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, under the terms of the will of Arthur C. Cope. The Cope Scholar Awards are supported by income from the Arthur C. Cope Fund, which is administered by the ACS.

Gerlt lab featured in the Chemical and Engineering News

Enzymology Embraces Biology

Some mechanistic enzymologists go over to theprotein function side

February 12, 2007, Volume 85, Number 07, pp. 70-74

DUALITY Mandelate racemase (shown) and other members of the enolase superfamily have two domains: a capping domain, which includes residues (cyan) that control substrate specificity, and a barrel domain containing the enzyme's active site (primarily yellow), which includes a magnesium ion (magenta). An inhibitor (green) is bound to the active site.