A Week in the Life – Nathan Alexander

Nathan is a 3rd year PhD student from NRES, working in the Schooley Lab while collaborating with a cross-country landscape genetics group. His research focuses on landscape genetics, species distribution modeling, and population genetics. Currently he is working on a historic-to-present species distribution model and population genetics of the Illinois plains pocket gopher. Nathan works predominantly with small mammals.

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A Week in the Life – Alida de Flamingh

Alida is a 4th year PhD Candidate from PEEC, working in the Roca Lab and collaborating with the Malhi Lab on ancient DNA projects. Her research focuses on the genetics and genomics of modern and ancient wildlife, including modern and ancient African elephants, 2000 year-old salmon from Alaska, the Tsavo man-eating lions from Kenya, ancient canids, and shipwreck ivory. Alida is especially passionate about wildlife conservation and the human-wildlife interface.  

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A Week in the Life – Amaryllis Adey

Amaryllis is a 2nd year Master’s Student from NRES, working on the Larson Aquatic Ecology Lab. Her research has focused on rusty crayfish in Illinois and Wisconsin. She uses stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen along with laboratory behavioral assays to make comparisons of diet and behavior across density gradients.

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A Week in the Life – Halie Rando

Halie is a 6th year graduate student (4th year PhD) from the Illinois Informatics Institute working in the Kukekova Lab in the Department of Animal Sciences. Halie works on red foxes bred for tame and aggressive behavior during the Russian Farm Fox Experiment. Her research focuses on the development of the red fox genome and next-generation sequencing technologies to identify the genomic regions that have been under selection during the first phase of selection, when foxes adapted to living on farms, and then during selective breeding for extreme social behavioral phenotypes.

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