University of Illinois Ichthyology 


The 2010 University of Ichthyology Students

undertook a project to create a series of

podcasts on various topics concerning

Ichthyology and Fish Biology.  Here are our

audio files available for download.  All questions

on this course project should be directed to

Becky Fuller (                     


1.   Fish Body Size and Shape

2.   Hagfish                      

3.   Sharks & Rays

4.   The Discovery of the Coelacanth

5.   General Patterns in Fish Evolution

6.   Speciation in Fishes

7.   Asian Carp

8.   Mating Systems and Parental Care

9.   Eels!

10. Zoogeography and Cichlids

11.  Respiration and Gills

12.  Ion/Osmoregulation

13.  Ostariophysi and Schreckstoff

14.  Vision in Fish

15.  Swimbladders

16.  Hearing and Mechanoreception