Facilities Maintenance Concerns:

Life Sciences research and teaching operations are carried out in several buildings for which the Campus and the Office of Facilities and Operations share maintenance responsibility. The main buildings on this list are: Burrill Hall, Morrill Hall, Chemical & Life Sciences Lab Buildings B & C, Natural History Building, and Shelford Vivarium as well as significant shares of Roger Adams Laboratory and Davenport Hall.

Facilities problems associated with these spaces should be reported to this office via phone at 333-3047 or by e-mail at facilities@mcb.illinois.edu or sib-facilities@illinois.edu respectively, for MCB or IB spaces. Please include the room number and building, along with the nature of the problem.

In addition to maintenance responsibilities the Facilities and Operations Office is responsible for planning and coordination of funded remodeling projects associated with Life Science facilities. If you need to request minor remodelling work for which funds have been identified or experience difficulties associated with remodeling projects in any Life Sciences facility, please contact this office by phone or email.