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Todd Fulton. I came to the Department of Entomology in October 1988 to work in the insectory while pursuing a degree in nursing. After graduating and beginning full-time work at Carle in pediatrics, I decided to stay on in Entomology part-time to further my quest for the almighty dollar. After 5+ years in the hospital working with fellow staff to help children return to wellness or maintain comfort, I left Carle Hospital to work in Carle Clinic Pediatrics. I have worked there for 4 years and am Dr. Picchietti’s nurse. Dr. Picchietti is a pediatric neurologist specializing in sleep disorders.

I am married with four children. My wife, Vickie, is also a nurse who works for Health Alliance. Our oldest son, Chad, is an EMT and volunteer fireman. Andy is a senior in high school, Rachel a sophomore, and Kelly (who often comes to the department to "help with the bugs") is 7 years old. In my "spare time," I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and photography.


Dorothy Houchens. After 16 years (working for only two heads!) at the same chair in the department, I decided it was time to buy new chairs! Many faculty, staff, and graduate students have passed through here during my tenure as secretary and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and hopefully help such a fascinating group of "bug" lovers. Who knows, maybe I will still be around to make an entry in the next newsletter (if I have anything to do with it, probably not!)

Tish Cundiff. I came to the department in 1996 after a 13-year hiatus from the UI. During those years, I returned to college and received an A.S. in criminal justice while working the graveyard shift in the ER/trauma center at Carle Hospital. In 1992, I was divorced and have been busy raising my two children, Jaime and Jeremy, and our kitten, Chewbacca (a.k.a. Chewy). Jaime graduated from Mahomet-Seymour High School in May 1999, and is attending Illinois State University in the fall in education. Jeremy will be in 8th grade this fall. In June 1999, I married Paul Cundiff, a paramedic I met during my years in the ER, now Champaign County deputy coroner, and will then have two stepchildren, Ashley and Cody, who are 9.

In the few short years here, I have learned that bugs aren’t quite as bad as I had always believed. Spiders, on the other hand, are another story. Lately, all my spare time has been consumed with wedding and graduation plans. Otherwise, I enjoy reading, looking at houses, and traveling.

Dorothy Nadarski. I came to the department as an extra-help clerical in January 1993 while Dot Houchens worked registration at the Armory. In May 1994 Entomology made me a permanent part-time secretary and that is still my title today. I live in Champaign with my husband Bob, two daughters, Mary, age 14, and Kathy, age 12, one dog, Tucker, and one cat, Peachy. In my "spare" time I taxi children to sporting events, band practices, and any-where else they "just have to go!"


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