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Our department publishes a (mostly) biennial newsletter that includes information on professors, students, postdocs, and alumni, as well as notable events and occurrences around the department. The most recent newsletters are listed below and are free for download. More recent newsletters may be larger files (>5MB) and require a long load time. Older newsletters are archived on a separate page and may be reached by the link below.

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11/15/2012: Antkey.org, an online resource for facilitating the identification of introduced ants in North America and the Pacific, went live last week. This webpage was developed by Eli Sarnat, a postdoc in the lab of Andy Suarez, with support from USDA APHIS Identification Technology Program.
10/4/2012: Department Head May Berenbaum received the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award, presented by E. O. Wilson himself, for her significant contributions to the study of biodiversity.
8/25/2012: Congratulations to Professor Jim Whitfield, who has recently been elected the new President-Elect of the International Society of Hymenopterists.
8/14/2012: Congratulations to postdoctoral research associate Hongmei Li, in the Robinson Lab, who received an American Fellowship from the American Association of University Women!
8/1/2012: Professor Hugh Robertson was named as a Fellow of the Entomological Society of America for his contributions to the fields of transposons, chemoreception, and insect genomics. Congratulations, Dr. Robertson!
7/26/2012: Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) has been selected to receive the 2012 Champaign-Urbana International Humanitarian Award in the area of Research/Education.
6/13/2012: Congratulations to Department Head May Berenbaum, who was recently named an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, in recognition for her eminent and distinguished service to the field of entomology!
6/12/2012: The Robinson Lab develops a technique to probe the relationship between gene expression and transcription factors in the honey bee (PNAS).
News Image 6/2012: We hope you all were able to attend our National Pollinator Week events, which took place June 18th through the 24th. Events included: food guides at Common Ground Food Co-op, a pollinator dinner at Buvons Wine Bar, honey and cheese tasting at Prairie Fruits Farm, an Insects and Music Performance at the Pollinatarium, a concert by The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra, an insect photography workshop by Alex Wild, and many children's activities! For more information, please visit the website!
News Image 4/2012: Congratulations to Dr. Sydney Cameron, who has been awarded a Fulbright Specialist grant! Building on her previous work in Mexico, Dr. Cameron will be traveling to Argentina to aid in developing a large-scale study assessing bumble bee decline that was recently mandated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. While in Argentina, she also lectured on phylogenetics and conservation genetics at the Universidad Nacional del Comahue and delivered the keynote address to the Argentine Congress of Entomology.
3/31/2012: The Bee Research Facility and the Institute for Genomic Biology offered a short course "Bees and Beekeeping".
3/13/2012 : Emeritus Professor Gilbert Waldbauer's newly released book, "How Not to Be Eaten: The Insects Fight Back", details the amazing strategies insects employ to find their food -- and to prevent themselves from being food!
3/9/2012: The Robinson Lab investigates the molecular basis of novelty-seeking behavior in honey bee scouting and foraging (Science).
News Image 2/25/2012: The Department of Entomology hosted its 29th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival. The theme this year was International Ant films with some more recent scary films that frightened and delighted guests. The festival showcased the movies: Glass Trap (2005) and The Bone Snatcher (2003) and featured an insect petting zoo, the BugScope, face painting, and our annual insect art contest! For more information, please check out the official IFFF website. Thank you to all of our guests and volunteers!
2/15/2012: Dr. Sam Heads and Dr. Steve Taylor describe a new species of a grasshopper-like insect from Belize (ZooKeys).
2/7/2012: Professor Brian Allan collaborates on a study investigating the response of squirrels and raccoons to increased tick density (EcoHealth).
1/26/2012: The Pittendrigh Lab appears on America's Heartland, speaking about the Scientific Animations Without BordersSM project.
News Image 1/2012: Professor Gene Robinson (Departments of Entomology, Neuroscience) has been named director of the Institute for Genomic Biology. Professor Robinson has been acting as director on an interim basis since March 2011. More than 140 faculty and affiliates from across center compose the IGB, and the institute is continuing to explore pressing problems in agriculture, human health, the environment, and energy use and production. For more information, visit the Institute for Genomic Biology's website.