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News Image Introducing Beescape: A new online tool and community to support bees

A new online tool and community, called Beescape, enables beekeepers, or anyone interested in bees, to understand the specific stressors to which the bees in their managed hives, home gardens or farms are exposed. Dr. Adam Dolezal and his collaborators from other universities, including Penn State University, University of Minnesota, and Purdue University, will be able to partner with beekeepers and gardeners to gather information about how their bees are doing.

News Image Researchers find pesticides influence ground-nesting bees

Results from a new study, published by Dr. Alexandra Harmon-Threatt and graduate student Nicholas Anderson in Nature's Scientific Reports, suggest that bees might be exposed to pesticides in more ways than we thought, and it could impact their development significantly. Read more on the LAS News website.

News Image Esther Ngumbi to deliver British Ecological Society plenary lecture

Esther Ngumbi, a postdoctoral researcher in May Berenbaum's lab, will deliver the BES Lecture at this year's annual meeting of the British Ecological Society in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

News Image36th Annual IFFF 

The 36th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival took place on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 in Foellinger Auditorium. This year's theme was "Termites". The feature film was the 2005 Alien Apocalypse. The evening also included our insect petting zoo and our annual insect art contest. More information on this year's festival, as well as previous years and the art contest, can be found on the Entomology Graduate Student Association website or on Facebook.

News ImageA new partnership for the bees 

St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, LLC, has pledged $5,000 to The Healthy Bee Fund at Illinois. In addition, the company will donate $1 to the fund for every case sold of b, a new alcoholic honey beverage scheduled to go on sale in the Northeast U.S. in March. Anheuser-Busch's new honey beverage will come as a significant boost to bee research at Illinois, where scientists are leading vital research into the threats facing bees across the world. For more information, see The Healthy Bee Fund and read the full article.

Gene RobinsonGene Robinson elected to National Academy of Medicine

Congratulations to Dr. Gene Robinson for being elected to the National Academy of Medicine. Read more at Illinois News Bureau.

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In other news

Hugh Robertson 8/2/2018 A new genomic study by Dr. Hugh Robertson and colleagues at the University of California-Davis reveals that all insects have odorant receptors that allow them to detect airborne chemicals in the pursuit of food and mates, and to identify enemies. Read more at Illinois News Bureau.
Alex Harmon-Threatt 7/27/2018 Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra Harmon-Threatt for receiving a $1 million grant to research the impact of pesticides on bee populations. Read more at SIB News.
News Image 4/27/2018 Esther Ngumbi, a postdoctoral researcher in May Berenbaum's lab, will be awarded the 2018 President's Medal from the Society for Experimental Biology at the society's annual meeting in Florence, Italy, in July. Her research focuses on applied chemical ecology and the use of natural products for sustainable pest management and crop production. This award was announced in The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.
James Nardi 7/2/2018: Congratulations to Dr. James Nardi on the review "Bringing science into the garden" by Charles Goodrich, Ecological Society of America, of Dr. Nardi's new book, Discoveries in the garden, The University of Chicago Press.
4/20/2018: Tom Shanower, a Department of Entomology alumnus, was just named Acting Director of NIFA. Read about it here: Jacobs-Young Announces Shanower as Acting NIFA Director.
2/21/2018: You can read about the 35th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival at Smile Politely and PCT Magazine.

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